Portugal Makes It Illegal For Bosses To Text Employees After Work Hours

by Sanjana Shenoy
Portugal Makes It Illegal For Bosses To Text Employees After Work Hours

Here’s the scenario, it’s 6 pm,  you’re just done after a tiring day of work, and as you relax on the sofa, you get a message from your boss. Urgent reports for tomorrow, pending work, edits to be done, and the list goes on. Where’s the work-life balance you wonder? Well, while we continue hoping for a better work-life balance, Portgual is rejoicing. The country has made it illegal for bosses to email or text their employees after work hours. Violation of the new law would end up in heavy fines. Now, that’s a dream come true! Read on to know more.

Portugal Bans Employers From Texting Employees After Office Hours

Portugal’s ruling Socialist Party approved a legislation that bans employers from messaging or texting their employees after work hours. This recently passed law dictates that if bosses violate this law they could face penalties like fines of up to ₹50 lakhs. This rule comes at a time when work from home culture has swept the world amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Boundaries of personal and professional lives have blurred. This new law aims to create a healthy work-life balance and address the mental health of employees. Many employees are often asked to prepare a project a day in advance or complete an assignment before they show up to work. This can hamper their mental health.

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Nation Aims To Create Healthy Work-Life Balance

The new Portugal law also reveals that companies have to pay for electricity and internet bills of employees, to make remote working as hassle-free as possible. This law is a game-changer. The Portugal News reveals that the government wants to promote the “right to rest” for workers. However, this law only applies to companies with at least 10 employees. Failure to adhere to this law and treating remote employees differently, cutting their salary etc would lead to a hefty fine between €2,040 and €61,200 (between ₹1.75 lakh and ₹52 lakh). This new law will certainly bring respite to employees. Meanwhile, if you wish to shift to Portugal, then here’s a fun video of the nation.