Wish To Move Out Of India? 6 Gorgeous International Destinations Are Offering Long-Term Visas To Indians Working Remotely

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 2893

With the deadly second wave, we have been locked up in our homes once again. But if you are dreaming of escaping your tiny urban apartment, some countries are making it a possibility. Some gorgeous destinations like Barbados and Bermuda launched remote visa programs for all the digital nomads working from home. As the noble coronavirus grapples the world, many countries, places, and resorts have been offering exclusive deals for those working remotely. In a world where all of us are hoping to escape the mundane, these exotic destinations are welcoming non-residents to live and work on the island. This sounds like an unbelievable offer isn’t it?

1. Curacao, A Dreamy Island Caribbean Island 

Curacao is a dreamy island that enjoys a year-round pleasant temperature of around 84 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are working remotely, you can move to the paradise island and enjoy the widely available 4G connectivity, for up to six months. You will be able to come and go as you please during these six months, and won’t be subject to local income taxes. And that’s not it. You will also be able to request a six months extension if you wish to work from the beaches and dip your toes in the sand for a bit longer. Planning To Leave India & Escape The Deadly Second Wave? Here’re Your Options


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2. Georgia

Georgia is allowing citizens of all countries to work remotely in the nation for any amount of time beyond six months. The program is mostly aimed toward self-employed people or freelancers, but anyone who is working remotely with a full-time job can apply. In order to apply, fill out an application with your personal information, and employment certificate, and a letter of consent for quarantine. You will also need to provide proof of your travel insurance that will cover you for at least six months.

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3. Barbados

Barbados is offering a 12-month welcome stamp to encourage foreign tourists to work remotely from the island for a year. Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley announced that they are developing a 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp. This is a special visa especially for remote workers who want to trade home for island life for up to a year at a time. This stamp is in the final stages of development further details are awaited. 

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4. Madeira, Portugal

Digital Nomads Madeira is a project that will host up to 100 remote workers at a time in the town of Ponta do Sol, home to only 8,200 residents. Sound’s exciting right? Well, you must know that phase one of this fun project will begin on February 1 and last through June 30, 2021. During phase 1, travellers intending to relocate will be provided with a free working space that comes with a desk and chair. Furthermore, they will be given access to a Slack community, and free internet from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily at the John dos Passos Cultural Centre in the village.

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5. Dubai

UAE’s Dubai has also revealed a visa programme that will allow you to remotely work from Dubai along with your family. The long-term visa will also allow you some advantages such as opening a bank account and enrolling your children in local schools. This surely will make things a lot convenient for the remote workers and their families.

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6. Anguilla

Remote workers now have the option to live and work on the 35-square-mile Caribbean island. Anguilla is now offering extended visas, in an attempt to lure digital nomads. Those who wish to work can apply and you will be permitted to spend between three months and a year in the country. Applications are currently accepted and there is a $1,000 fee for individuals staying under three months or $2,000 for those staying between three months and a year. The fee covers two Covid-19 tests as well as a digital work permit. Those planning to stay with a family under 3 months must pay a $1,500 fee, which increases to $3,000 if they plan to be on the island between three and 12 months.

Be sure to check the latest travel advisories in these countries before you book your tickets. 


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