After Singapore, New York And UAE, Japan Is Set To Introduce Vaccine Passport For Travellers

by Yogita Chainani
After Singapore, New York And UAE, Japan Is Set To Introduce Vaccine Passport For Travellers

With mounting covid cases, travel certainly is not the safest thing to do right now. Hence, countries are now introducing vaccine passports to make travel a little more stress-free for travellers. China was the first nation to introduce vaccine passports, and now after China, Singapore, UAE, Japan is soon going to use vaccine passports. Read on to know more.

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With An Aim To Resume Business Travel Japan Is Set To Adapt To Vaccine Passports

Japan is going to use vaccine passports to make travel easy for vaccinated passengers. These passports will be in the form of a phone app. Travellers will have to download the app, fill in the details and scan the QR code at airports before boarding the flights.

Image Courtesy: Japan Web Magazine

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The Japanese government hopes that business travel will resume in the country after introducing vaccine passports, which was stopped amid the pandemic. According to Tari Kono, the minister in charge of Japan’s vaccination drive, said in a parliamentary session, “Other countries are doing it, so Japan will have to consider it too.”

At Present, Only Foreign Residents, Citizens And Students Are Allowed To Enter Japan

With time, Vaccine passports are gaining popularity around the world, as several countries are slowly opening for tourism. For Japan- the vaccine passports will reportedly list negative results from polymerase chain reaction and also antigen tests.

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In terms of travelling to Japan at present, the nation is only allowing foreign residents and citizens alongside foreigners who have some exceptional circumstances. However, in these situations, people are required to submit Covid negative test results taken 72 hours before departure.