Oman Bans Commercial Activities From 8-15 May; Supermarkets, Pharmacies To Remain Open

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Oman Bans Commercial Activities From 8-15 May; Supermarkets, Pharmacies To Remain Open

The Supreme Committee of Oman has announced a ban on all commercial activities, in order two curb the spread of Covid-19. The movement of people and vehicles will be banned ‪from 7 pm till 4 am‬ with effect ‪from Saturday, 8 May 2021 to Saturday, 15 May 2021‬, with the exception of a few segments. The decision was made to protect all society individuals against the dreaded disease.

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Here’s What’s Banned & What Will Remain Open

While all commercial activities will be banned throughout the day with effect ‪from Saturday, 8 May 2021‬ to the end of ‪Saturday, 15 May 2021‬, the committee made a few exceptions. Foodstuff sale outlets, fuel filling stations, health establishments and pharmacies will continue to function normally, the committee added. In addition, home delivery service will be allowed for all types of goods during the ban period.

Attendance of all employees at the workplace will be suspended and substituted with online work, with effect ‪from Sunday, 9 May 2021 to Tuesday, 11 May 2021‬. The Supreme Committee urged private sector establishments and companies to implement or continue to implement online work and downsize the number of employees needed to attend at the workplace.

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Furthermore, Eid prayers, Eid souqs (Habta) and public gatherings are banned in all places, including beaches and parks during Eid Al Fitr holidays. This also includes a ban on family gatherings or Eid gatherings or mass celebrations of the Eid. The Supreme Committee reiterated its emphasis on procedures undertaken to tackle the pandemic and protect society.

It further urged all citizens to adhere to all precautionary measures—most importantly avoiding gatherings during the remainder of the holy month of Ramadan and during Eid Al Fitr holidays.

Oman Witnesses Steady Increase In Covid Cases

As many as 2554 new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) were registered in Oman during the past 3 days, in addition to 33 new Covid-19-related death cases. This brings the total number of positive Covid-19 cases to 195,807 in the Sultanate.
The total number of Covid-19-related death cases reached 2043, the Ministry of Health said. Besides, 3710 new cases have recovered, bringing the total number to 176,833 recoveries.

The Ministry also pointed out that 101 cases were hospitalized over the past 24 hours, adding that the total number of current hospitalized Covid-19-infected patients stands at 821, of them 276 are in intensive care units (ICUs).