Vaccine Passports: Will You Need One The Next Time You Travel?

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 2134

These days, anyone looking to travel has to consider everything from available flights to pre-or-post-travel testing requirements. But as vaccines begin to roll out — a new question emerges: what will be the travel requirements in the future? The concept of ‘vaccine passport’, that allows travellers to show their immunisation records is soon catching up.

Will Vaccine Passports Allow Immunised Travellers To Freely Travel?

So what exactly is a vaccine passport? A vaccine passport allows travellers to prove they have immunisation against any contagious infection. But with new and emerging COVID-19 vaccines. Different vaccines will have different levels of effectiveness, and hence, one may still require to take the COVID-19 tests upon arrival. Seychelles Offers Quarantine-free Travel To People Who Have Taken Covid-19 Vaccine.

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Will Vaccine Passports Eliminate The Need For Masks?

However, even with the vaccine passport, travelling will not be comfortable until at least 2022. One has to continue following the COVID-19 protocols like wearing a mask, using a sanitiser and maintaining social distancing. We can expect the initial few days of travel with a COVID passport to be rocky. Until there is clear information that the vaccines are 100% effective, following the COVID-19 rules would still be necessary. Denmark To Become First Country In The World To Launch Corona Passport For Vaccinated Citizens.

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Will Vaccine Passport Boost Travel In Immediate Future?

If you wonder if the vaccine passport will boost travel, the short answer is, that there is no certainty yet in the immediate future. Israel, for instance, will issue a green passport for those who are vaccinated. But every country will likely have different rules. Ditch Maldives & Visit These 5 Countries That Are Open For Vaccinated Travellers.

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Will You Need A Vaccine Passport To Travel Within Europe?

The European Union now announced that it would soon issue a digital travel pass as proof of the coronavirus vaccination status. The pass will allow travellers to move freely within the European Nations. With the digital health pass, vaccinated travellers can get a database of past tests and vaccinations.

Even once vaccines are prevalent, the “spontaneity” of travel won’t come back for a long time.

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