Here’s How You Can Save On Grocery Shopping In Dubai

by Deeplata Garde
Here’s How You Can Save On Grocery Shopping In Dubai

Grocery shopping is a task that we all need but want to skip. For some, it’s a duty they need to take out time; for others, it’s a stress-busting chore. When we talk about shopping for anything in Dubai, we feel it would be expensive. But you can save some bucks by strategically planning your grocery shopping in Dubai next time.

Guide On How To Save On Grocery Shopping In Dubai

Big Saver Discounts

Always hunt for big saving days that many supermarkets arrange to attract a large sum of people. Analyze the cost of fresh vegetables, poultry and fish in the marker according to the discounts. So the resources suggest that chicken is usually cheaper on Monday and veggies and fish in the midweek. Go to purchase fish on Wednesdays as the price seems to drop from weekends for the fish demand.
Whereas fruits become cheaper around weekends as they tend to buy more meat as the price for it soars. Hence other items are cheaper.

Don’t Get Lured By Design

The supermarket has the strategy to lure people into buying objects they don’t need by placing them at the entrance or in a cute manner. You need to overcome this trap and shop for what is required. Avoid getting dazzled by the glitz, glam and scam of supermarkets.


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Try To Shop Online

Online portals provide multiple discounts and its spread across their platforms. They keep opening such offers and discounts to promote their platforms. This is the cue to utilize the moment to gain profit and save some money. Keep checking such offers that are usually notified on your phone through SMS etc.

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Collect coupons and loyalty points that get you types of discounts on products. This is a great resource and comes in handy to save while grocery shopping in Dubai.

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Leave Brand Consciousness

Being a brand snob makes you spend more than your necessity. Hence try to shop your groceries from local markets to save some money.

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