Here’s What The New Traffic Sign With Black Dots In Bangalore Means

by Sanmita A
Here’s What The New Traffic Sign With Black Dots In Bangalore Means

Are you plying on Bangalore roads regularly? Then, we are hoping you must have spotted a new traffic sign. For the Bangalore folks and the uninformed, this new traffic sign is just ‘four dots’. A Twitter user from Bangalore was quick to identify this new traffic sign and put up a query with the Bangalore traffic police. We all know, how prompt organisations are when it comes to Twitter, so they quickly responded to the user query about what the ‘four dots’ meant and the reason behind it.

Bangalore Roads, The Four Dots & What It Means?

Well, the Twitter User who put up the query, took a photograph of the four dots on a traffic sign board and asked the Bangalore Traffic Police about its meaning. The Bangalore Traffic Police promptly defined its purpose and the reason why it’s up on certain routes.

To the above query, the Traffic Police replied, ‘Dear Sir, This is a Cautionary sign board which tells about a possible blind person likely on the road. Exercise caution while driving. There is a blind school at hopefarm junction where this board is placed. Regards.’

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Twitter Users Say The Traffic Sign Isn’t Clear Enough

While the traffic police said that the four dots indicate that there are possible chances of blind people on the road ahead, people also commented that the sign wasn’t clear enough. While some felt, that a different sign could be used that could project the meaning properly, there were also some who thanked the police for explaining the meaning behind it. Additionally, people ensured that they also voice out all the concerns that they face while taking certain routes, the presence of potholes, and more.

The Police also informed that they will soon begin raising awareness of road signs in the city.

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