Here’s Why Domestic Airfares Are Touching The Skies Right Now

by Sanmita A
Here’s Why Domestic Airfares Are Touching The Skies Right Now

Have plans to travel? If you have looked through flight prices until autumn, you’ll notice a huge surge in the prices of India’s domestic airfares. Even if you plan your travels in advance, the ticket prices have unusually high prices, leading to people rethink travel via flights during weekends of travel peak holiday seasons. Domestic airfares, irrespective of the locations have seen a massive increase. The pandemic and the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war have affected the domestic airfares in India to a huge extent. Let’s take a detailed look into what really led to skyrocketing flight prices in India –

High Fuel Prices

The unusual increase in fuel prices has led influenced the airfares in India. The crude oil process, taxes and a lot of other reasons have affected the airfares in India.

Booming Travel Industry

After being confined to the spaces of homes, people have finally begun exploring and travelling the world once again. Indians are not only travelling within India but are preferring international trips too. The travel industry is seeing a boom worldwide and not alone in India.

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Increased Costs At Airports

Since all the industries are finally trying to cope with the losses in the last two years, there has been a significant increase in prices in all other aviation-related fields as well. Airlines are charging a great deal for maintenance costs and even for extra luggage weight.

More Flight Operators Coming Up

With the introduction of new airlines within the commercial flying system in India, there has been a significant rise in competition as well. Therefore, prices have increased as the airlines want to make up for the low demand too.


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Rehiring Of Staff

The aviation industry had to bear a huge loss with lakhs of people losing jobs after the Covid-19 infection spread. Now, with the travelling demand surge, there is a fresh need in the industry. Urgent hirings need to be done, at the same time the losses need to be covered as well.

Even though people are paying up to travel once again, it is quite unsure for how long the expensive airfares will persist.

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