Hidden, Affordable, Healthy! Minerals Café At Delhi’s Hotspot For Athletes In Siri Fort Has Sorted 2020 Food Goals!

healthy café
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan828

What if we told you there was a place where most of Delhi’s athletes might be getting their nutrition for the day? A place that uses the best ingredients and serves the best nutrients for bodies that need it. You can get in on this too! Minerals is a healthy café hidden inside Siri Fort Sports Complex! Only the regulars know about this one and that’s enough to keep them packed all the time. Did you know Reading Before Bed Makes You Sleep Better, Eat Healthier And Make More Money?

What is it

A 21st century menu for healthy food has hit Delhi by storm. Their food is like nothing we’ve seen before. Simple classics like porridge and idli chat are made with soft expertise in around ₹150. There’s also food with a twist like tofu scramble and paneer poha. They have a variety of fresh juices and refreshers which is what the customers come for. Everyone is crazy about their avocado shake and dry fruit smoothie. You can even make your own juice. Everything is super affordable. Rich ingredients and genuine health benefits served in a glass for under ₹200 is a dream in Delhi. They have a special surprise for caffeine junkies too: Blue Tokai serves here! This healthy café has truly won our hearts. By the way, Have You Tried These Unique Coffees In Delhi NCR Yet?

healthy café

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What’s more

Minerals is right beside Siri Fort’s famous running tracks. They have huge glass facades for an amazing view. Health benefits from this healthy café don’t just invade your life through your plate. Sitting here with energy boosting food watching south Delhi’s fittest go about their day can inspire the laziest of us. Who knows, maybe food has actually been the way to a fit lifestyle all along! Eat a salad bowl and run a mile. Then reward yourself with a paneer and salsa tortilla wrap (₹189) and a delicious fresh juice.

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Image Credit: Zomato

Since athletes start their day early, Minerals opens at 6 AM and stays busy until 9
PM. This is the best way to turn a new leaf in 2020 with fitness goals that take care of themselves! Make a promise to yourself this new year and let this healthy café take care of them. All you have to do is show up and the rest will fall into place.

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Where: Siri Fort Sports Complex Road, August Kranti Marg, Khel Gaon Marg

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