Himachal Bars Entry Of Non-Sanitised Vehicles From Other States

by Gizel Menezes
Himachal Bars Entry Of Non-Sanitised Vehicles From Other States

While the number of coronavirus cases in India standing at a frightening 148, State Governments all across the country are taking maximum steps to ensure that the spread of the virus is contained. Schools, colleges, museums, gyms, swimming pools, and cinemas halls have been shut all over India and The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued guidelines on social distancing as a precautionary measure.

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Steps Taken By The Himachal Pradesh Government Against Spread Of Coronavirus

The state of Himachal Pradesh too has reportedly taken stringent steps to protect its people from the novel coronavirus. The state has banned entry to all non-sanitized vehicles that will be entering the State through its borders.

Strict instructions have also been given to all transportation personnel to spray sodium hypochlorite every 12 hours in buses and taxis moving from Himachal to other states. All public transport places like bus stations have to be sanitised three times a day.

Apart from the above measures, everyone visiting Himachal Pradesh via buses and taxis will be asked to fill self-declaration forms. The bus conductors and taxi operators will then submit these forms to the bus station in-charge, who will further submit them to the Chief Medical Officer.

The State has also made it mandatory to put up posters about the symptoms of Coronavirus across buses, taxis, and shops, thereby creating mass public awareness.

All banks, offices and shops have also been asked to spray the hypochlorite solution twice in their premises. Even buttons and switchboards in elevators, hotels and ATM machines have to be sanitized on a regular basis. Door handles in offices need to be cleaned frequently several times a day too.

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Visitors In Himachal To Undergo Strict Enquiry

While Himachal Pradesh is a major tourist destination in the country, especially during the period of April-May, the state government has increased vigil at all entry points. Visitors from other regions are only being let in after conducting a proper enquiry about their health condition, recent travel history, etc.

Although there is no confirmed case of the coronavirus in the State, as many as 593 people have been kept under surveillance. Himachal Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur has assured everyone that there is no need to panic as all necessary steps have been taken to check any possibility of the spread of novel coronavirus in the state.