Himachal Pradesh Gets 20 New E-Buses; CM Flags Them Off By Travelling To Cabinet Meeting

by Tooba Shaikh
Himachal Pradesh Gets 20 New E-Buses; CM Flags Them Off By Travelling To Cabinet Meeting

Recently, the Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation or the HRTC introduced 20 new e-buses in Shimla. These buses are part of an eco-friendly move by the Himachali government to systematically phase out diesel buses in order to prevent emissions as well as make the travelling experience smoother for the passengers. The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu flagged off this new fleet of e-buses by travelling to a cabinet meeting.

Himachal Pradesh CM Flags Off New E-Buses

In an effort to improve public transport as well as the travel experience for passengers, the Himachali government has introduced a fleet of new e-buses. These are huge improvements on the currently used diesel buses are they are more comfortable, better equipped and release significantly fewer carbon emissions.

Shimla received 20 of these new e-buses. CM Sukhvinder Sukhu flagged off the new e-bus by travelling in them from Chaura Maidaan to the State Secretariat where he was to attend a cabinet meeting of his. He was accompanied by his deputy as well as other cabinet members, legislators and colleagues.

According to an article recently published by The Statesman, 200 new e-buses have recently been added to the state transport network. In keeping with their ‘Green Himachal, Clean Himachal’ slogan and the target they set to make Himachal a green state, these e-buses are approximately ₹25 per kilometre cheaper than regular diesel buses.

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Will Systematically Replace Diesel Buses

Himachal Pradesh e-buses
Image Credits: @SukhuSukhvinder/Twitter

The HRTC operates around 1,500 buses. It plans to systematically phase out all diesel buses and replace them with new e-buses. Shimla previously had 50 e-buses operational. After the addition of 20 new ones, the total number of buses is 70 in Shimla.

Dharamshala, too, recently had around 15 e-buses added to its network. The rest of the state has around 40 e-buses in its network. As per what the CM recently stated, the HRTC has finalised technical specs for 225 new Type II e-buses and has issued a tender for about 75 more Type I e-buses.

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Cover Image Credits: @SukhuSukhvinder/Twitter