Hinglaj Yatra In Pakistan: 100,000+ Hindu Pilgrims Climbed Mud Volcanoes As Part Of A Three-Day Pilgrimage

Located in Balochistan’s Hingol National Park, Hinglaj Yatra is a three-day pilgrimage and Pakistan's largest Hindu festival.

by Tashika Tyagi
Hinglaj Yatra In Pakistan: 100,000+ Hindu Pilgrims Climbed Mud Volcanoes As Part Of A Three-Day Pilgrimage

The annual Hinglaj Yatra in Pakistan concluded on Sunday and, reportedly, more than 100,000 people climbed the mud volcanoes as part of this pilgrimage! Hundreds of packed buses from Hyderabad and Karachi brought thousands of pilgrims to the Hinglaj Mata Temple to participate in this three-day pilgrimage. The festive spirit was high because it is said to be the largest Hindu festival in Pakistan. Scroll on to learn more about this temple and annual pilgrimage.

Pakistan’s Largest Hindu Festival – Hinglaj Yatra

Hinglaj Yatra
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Set inside the Hingol National Park in the Balochistan province of Pakistan, the Hinglaj Mata Temple is one of the holiest Hindu sites in the region. The temple hosts the annual Hinglaj Yatra in April and this year’s yatra concluded on Sunday. It saw a massive participation of more than 100,000 pilgrims!

As part of the yatra, the pilgrims climb mud volcanoes and rocks in southwestern Pakistan to begin the three-day pilgrimage. Devotees have to climb hundreds of stairs and ascend steep rocks to reach the holy summit. Once there, they toss coconuts and rose petals into the shallow crater, and seek permission to visit Hinglaj Mata at the ancient cave temple. The Hinglaj Mata Temple is the focus of their three-day pilgrimage.

The temple is about 45 kilometres from the mud volcano and the path is quite rocky. Add to that the desert-like conditions of this place with winds churning dust into the eyes, nose, and mouth – it is safe to say that this trek is not easy. But this does not deter the spirited pilgrims who cheer and sing throughout the journey. Historically, it was a gruelling trek across an isolated desert. Now, however, new infrastructure has made it significantly easier for pilgrims to take this yatra.

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Hinglaj Mata Temple’s Significance In Pakistan

Hinglaj Yatra
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

Hinglaj Mata Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in the Shaktism denomination of Hinduism. It is one of the places where the remains of Goddess Sati fell to earth after she ended her life – making this site important for Hindus. It is believed that visiting this temple redeems you of all your sins.

Besides its religious importance, the three-day Hinglaj Yatra also brightens up the spirit of the neighbouring country. There are hundreds of stalls of snacks, drinks, jewellery, and clothing near the temple. Also, the sale of coconuts, sweets, flowers, and other ritualistic offerings increases significantly during this time.

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