Historical Places In Dubai: The Must Visits

by Saniya
Historical Places In Dubai: The Must Visits

Ever wondered what Dubai looked like in the past? The sky-scrappers and glamour we see today were once nothing but barren land. However, the city has evolved since then and has now become a region which  boasts a rich cultural heritage. So, when you’re in Dubai don’t just think shopping. Explore the city and soak in the rich history and heritage. Here is a list of historical places in Dubai you must visit to get an insight into the Dubai life before the oil boom.

1. Dubai Old Town

Dubai’s old town is a glimpse into the day-to-day life that the Emiratis lived before Dubai’s economic and tourism boom. Dubai’s old town is houses traditional markets and offers restaurants that serve authentic meals for you to relish the ultimate Emirati experience.

Historic Dubai
Dubai Old Town (Source: VisitDubai)

2. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Walk into the old Arabia as you explore the Al Fahidi historical neighborhood. Immerse yourself into the historical art with XVA Gallery or stop by Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural understanding to learn about the Arabian culture, beliefs, and lifestyles of the past along with insights into other historical places in Dubai.

A retailer bringing to you the Historic Dubai
Dubai Historical Neighbourhood (Source: DubaiCulture.gov.ae)

3. Cross the Creek the old fashioned way

The Creek was once Gulf’s most successful pearl-diving port. Take a ride in the 1 AED (one way) Abra and explore the Creek waters, the traditional way. As the traditional Dhows are stacked around get a glimpse into what was once a brimming water site for fisherman and merchants crossing across the Creek.

Abra giving the historic vibes to Dubai
Dubai Creek (Source: Facebook)

4. Al Seef

Al Seef neatly microcosms Dubai’s traditional heritage at one end of it and the brimming modern landscapes at the other. Explore Al Seef’s traditional routes to catch sight of the Bedouin roots of the city. With its homegrown concepts bringing the historic retail of the past, Al Seef is a good visit to understand Old Dubai.

The old Dubai side of Al Seef
Al Seef (Source: Facebook)

5. Soak in the Souks

Dubai’s souks are the perfect yesteryear retain to Dubai’s new highlife. Catch the merchants from around the Gulf trade their wares here. In the mood for some gold buys? Take a walk down the Gold souk. Or make your own perfumes here at the wide range of traders at the Souk. Catch a sniff of the vibrant aromas that the Spice Souk brings. The souks of Dubai are one enticing experience from the olden times.


6. Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is a must-visit for the historical enthusiasts. Encounter the exhibits and artifacts of the past and learn of the rich history of the Emirates and the Arab world. Al Fahidi Fort, a monarch base of the 1780s, houses this museum and takes you back to the life before the Oil boom as it recreates the Arab houses, souqs, and mosques here.

Dubai Museum displaying historic artefacts
Dubai Museum

7. Souq Ad Hadid Archaeology Museum

Wonder what a Dubai in the iron age would look like? Head to Souq Al Hadid Museum to explore the artifacts from the Iron age. Get yourself immersed in the audio-visual treat as the 3D cinematic experience transports you to the end of the Rub Al Khali desert exploring an excavation site. You can also have a hands-on experience with their simulated archaeological site that lets you dig through to the artifacts.


8. Burj Nahar

Take your camera when you visit this one! Tucked at the eastern outskirts of the Creek in Deira, this one’s a 19th-century watchtower. Made of mud and coral stone, its one of the fortifications saving the city from a hostile tribe. Today this towering site is surrounded by a Palm garden and makes for perfect historical viewing.

Burj Nahar (Source: Discoverdubai.ae)

9. Majlis Ghorfat Um Al Sheif

A summer retreat on the banks of Jumeirah beach, this one once served Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum leisure during the summer days. A Majlis from the 1950s, this one gives an insight into the royal life during its sandy days.

Majlis Ghorfat Umm Al Sheif (Source: DubaiCulture.gov.ae)

10. Philately House

Part of the Al Fahidi historic neighborhood, the Philately house paints a beautiful picture of all the postal advances that Dubai city has gone through. Explore the exhibition here housing the rich stamp collection as you visit this lesser-known heritage site.

Dubai Philately Museum (Source: Facebook)

11. Jumeirah Archaeological Site

Get transported back to the Abbasid era as this site allows you to explore treasures from the ancient times here. Pottery, coins, tools and much more can be viewed over here, and it’s a sheer delight for the history enthusiasts who are on the hunt for historical places in Dubai!

Jumeirah Archaeological Site (Source: TripAdvisor)

12. Hatta Heritage Village

Wondered what a village in the Emirates looked like years ago? Take a 150 km drive down from central Dubai and explore the Hatta Heritage Village. Discover the magnificent histories with the Bait Al Wali and view the artifacts from the past over here. This village is replete with mosques and forts, and you are sure to get a throwback to the past.

A quick tour of Hatta Heritage Village

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Now, that’s a lot of history in just one city, isn’t it? Well then head down and immerse yourself in the rich cultural history of the country!


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