Home Chef Vs Pro Chef Ep 4: Savoury Macarons | Chef Pooja Dhingra & Bianca Saurastri

Bosh & Siemens Home Appliances

If you thought Macarons can only be sweet, then you got it wrong! Learn something new on this episode of Home Chef Vs Pro Chef,where we have with us the queen of pastry, celebrity chef & founder of Mumbai’s popular Le 15 Patisserie, Chef Pooja Dhingra who will be accompanied by our Home Chef, Bianca Saurastri who can never get anything right when it comes to baking :P We used Siemens FlexInduction Hob, a must-have for any diverse cooking! The hob has two flexible cooking zones which can be divided to four to five zones giving you enough space to cook multiple dishes at one time. Along with this we also witnessed the excellence of the VarioLift Hood which perfectly adorns a kitchen providing a smoke-free ambiance. It can be lowered upto five positions & raised to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen post-cooking. Watch the whole video on our YouTube channel & let us know if you would like to make these macarons with a twist at home? Location: Bosch & Siemens Experience Center