Honey Singh Savours Pani Puri At Mumbai’s Famous Chandru’s Pure Ghee Sweets

by Mallika Khurana
Honey Singh Savours Pani Puri At Mumbai’s Famous Chandru’s Pure Ghee Sweets

Yo Yo Honey Singh is a huge part of all our teen years. His songs were exceptionally catchy and had the whole country vibing to them as soon as they were released. Every song by Honey Singh, from Dope Shope to Love Dose to Blue Eyes, was a hit that sent us all into a frenzy. Even though his journey didn’t always remain smooth, he stood up to perform for the world. We got to know about him on this incredible episode of Tere Gully Mein. We learned about his ups and downs in life, his love of food and music, and much more as we strolled around the aisles of 7 bungalows with him. If you wish to know more about your favourite rapper, catch the episode.

Honey Singh Had Sme Amazing Chaat With Us

When we first met Honey Singh in Andheri, we decided to bring down the myth that people from Delhi don’t enjoy culinary delights in Mumbai. We took him to Chandru’s Pure Ghee Sweets, which was recognised with a prize for serving Mumbai’s best chaat. While we savoured some Mumbaiya chaat, we spoke with Honey Singh about the start of his singing career.

We started the food trail with him over some delicious pani puri and he simply loved it on the first bite itself. While enjoying the burst of flavours, he shared the story of his musical journey with us. To say the least, it was quite enlightening. Now that we knew he loved the chaat in Mumbai, it was time to take it up a notch with sev puri. This was his first time trying it, and he loved it.

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This Is What He Studied In College

Honey Singh
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Next, we wanted to know about his education as well as the beginning of his career. Like most of us, Honey Singh barely got through 11th and 12th grade but ended up pursuing a B.Sc. in IT. It was in 2003 that he started making beats for different artists. He worked as a music director for the first time in 2005 for the iconic ‘Khadke Glassy Tere Naa Te’. We all know how big a hit it was.

Further in the episode, he shared more details about why he chose to do a B.Sc. and shed more light on his journey. Watch the full episode to see how it went.

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