Hot Toddy Day: From Remedy For Cold To Easing Pains, Know Why It Remains Undisputed Among All Cocktails

Wake up it’s Hot Toddy Day!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Hot Toddy Day: From Remedy For Cold To Easing Pains, Know Why It Remains Undisputed Among All Cocktails

It is the 11th of January today; wow we are 11 days into this new year! I will let that realisation hit you while I inform you that today is Hot Toddy Day. With each day, as the temperatures are dropping, people are catching colds and flu faster. Hot toddy becomes a go-to remedy for common colds and pains during the winter. It is a simple concoction of a good whisky, honey, lemon juice, and boiling water. Let’s know why it continues to be undisputed among other cocktails.

Hot Toddy Can Relief You From Some Of These Issues

Start your day with a glass of hot toddy today. Doest matter if you have a cold or not, it’s a Hot Toddy Day.

  • One of the top abilities of hot toddy is to cure infections like the common cold. The whisky is responsible for diluting the blood vessels which in turn can make it easier for the body to deal with infections. 
  • The boiling water helps to clear congestion, slowly. Meanwhile, you could get a quick steam for your face as well. 
  • If the common cold is severe, there are chances of you having random body pains or aches. Remedy? A cup of hot toddy.

  • Whisky can contribute to you being drowsy. Hence, you can rest more which is truly advisable during severe colds. Just think of it as a numbing factor that will knock you out for a couple of hours.
  • On that note, if you are an insomniac, going for a hot toddy will help you to sleep faster. 
  • Lemon juice has an ample amount of Vitamin C which is good for health and honey helps to soothe. A good combo for a sick body.

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Toddy Now Has Several Variations. Are You Up For Trying?

Almost every food item and drink goes under the radar of experimentation depending on tastebuds and the location. 

  • Some people prefer to have their hot toddy with dark rum instead of whisky while some take it with bourbon. Whatever works for your cold is good for you, even if it’s rum or bourbon.
  • Then people have tried it with lots of different spices like clove, cinnamon or black pepper; all suitable for colds. 
  • For the ones who do not have alcohol, switch whiskey with apple cider vinegar or ginger ale. But if they are not having it as a cold remedy, then they again switch it with cranberry juice. 
  • Yet again, we experiment and add tea to it! Yes, a hot toddy with tea, honey and lemon juice goes with this beverage so smoothly. You just have to go for gin or sweet orange liqueur. 

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Seems like it might work with other ingredients, are you willing to try it? Now, do not try and have a little too many Hot Toddies before sleeping, you know what I mean.


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