The Toddy House In Mangalore Serves Refreshing Varieties Of Toddy & Seafood That You’ve To Try!

the toddy house mangalore
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1338

Booze lovers, while you’ve guzzled down beer, wine, tequila, vodka, whiskey, rum and more, have you ever tried the good ol’ toddy? This is a traditional mild alcoholic beverage that’s produced from the sap of coconut, palmyra and wild date palm. Widely available across coastal districts, toddy is sweet in taste and is known to have physicochemical properties that enhance one’s overall health. Though toddy is widely available there has been a lack of fine-dining ambience to savour it. Well, not anymore! Mangalore is now home to the Toddy House, a toddy lounge and AC restaurant that serves refreshing varieties of traditional toddy and delicious seafood in a family-friendly atmosphere.

The Toddy House In Mangalore Has A Vibrant Beach Shack Ambience

Step into the Toddy House in Mangalore’s Talapady and you’d be transported to a charming beach-shack like ambience. Nestled 15 km from downtown Mangalore, on the Mangalore-Cochin highway, this pub is a lovely weekend spot. A thatched roof with fairy lights, statues of toddy collectors and kites hanging on the ceiling will extend a warm welcome.

the toddy house mangalore

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The walls are decorated with paintings of coconut trees with earthen toddy pots hanging, Mangalore’s coastal life and more. The Toddy House with the AC restaurant exuberates family-friendly vibes. The colourful decor is fun, perfectly blending the coasts of Mangalore with the intoxicating traditional drink of toddy. You can take tons of Instaworthy pictures here with your gang.

the toddy house mangalore

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Sip Varieties Of Toddy Drinks, Shakes & Shots

Let’s get straight to the ultimate highlight of the Toddy House, the toddy. Drink a variety of interesting toddy concoctions that are sourced directly from the 34-acre farms hired by the bar for toddy tapping. They serve 3 types of toddy made from palm, coconut and fishtail.

The Toddy House serves flavoured toddy drinks for the first time in Mangalore like Mango Ginger Toddy, Nut Grass Toddy, Blackberry Toddy and the Gandhari or Orange Coconut Toddy.  If you have a sweet tooth, you can sample toddy shakes like Vanilla Shake Toddy and Date Shake Toddy. And if you’re super adventurous then just chug down toddy shots with your gang here.

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Pair House Brews With Lip-Smacking Coastal Delicacies

The Toddy House specialises in Kerala style short eats like Duck Roast, Rabbit Roast, Kappa Roast, Kerala Chicken and Quail Egg Roast. You can order a variety of lip-smacking seafood delicacies like Pomfret Fry, Prawn Pundi, Kada Fry and more. Pair their refreshing variety of house brews with these coastal specialities and you’re good to go. The sweet toddy coupled with spicy food is truly a match made in heaven. And you’ve got to try it to experience this.

the toddy house mangalore

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So Bangaloreans and booze lovers, the next time you want to experiment with your drinks, we suggest you drive down to The Toddy House. This toddy lounge truly enhances the toddy drinking experience and takes it many notches high. Cheers and Bon Appetit!

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