9 Hotels In India With Gorgeous Temperature-Controlled Pools To Beat Daytime Heat & Nightime Chills

For those seeking respite from chilly nights and hot day hours

by Tejashee Kashyap
9 Hotels In India With Gorgeous Temperature-Controlled Pools To Beat Daytime Heat & Nightime Chills

Be it luxury hotels or boutique properties in India, all of them offer a unique charm to travellers with amenities that tell that their stay will be nothing short of extraordinary. The majority of these retreats include stunning pools. Some reflect royal designs with glistening ornamental tiles while others are minimalist and serene. But when the temperature keeps fluctuating throughout the day and night, how can you enjoy a pool sesh at all times? For reasons like this, go for hotels with temperature-controlled pools that offer the perfect blend of relaxation and comfort. So, take a dip in these serene resorts’ temperature-controlled pools that await to soothe your senses in daytime heat and also, embrace you in the crispness of a chilly night.

1. Aahana – The Corbett Wildnerness

Set in the pristine valley of Patlidun Valley, Aahana is a luxurious oasis with its commitment to eco-friendliness. Located on Corbett National Park’s northeastern edge, it is the ideal spot for a safari holiday. After an exciting safari, take a refreshing dip into the therapeutic water of its stunning pool. Whether you enjoy a warm or cold soak, gazing at the greenery around has a certain allure. Moreover, the resort just added brand-new five pool villas, each with four rooms and a heated pool, adding to the opulent experience. Truly, the resort is a sanctuary for guests seeking solace in nature’s embrace.

Where: P.O. Semalkhaliya, Ramnagar, Sawal Deh West, Uttarakhand
Cost: Starting from ₹19,000/night onwards (approx.)

2. Anopura


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In the lap of warm Rajasthani hospitality, Anopura in Jaipur invites guests to rediscover inner tranquillity in the picturesque surroundings. The resort has a lot to offer, but its two temperature-controlled pools are particularly noteworthy. It looks especially stunning at night, and even on a cold winter’s evening, a magical dip in the heated pool feels rejuvenating. The therapeutic effects start to envelop you as you bathe in the warm waters while taking in the breathtaking views of rolling hills. Anopura’s surroundings are incredibly beautiful. Enjoy taking in the poolside snacks, lounging on a daybed in the sun, and cooking Rajasthani food outdoors on your own.

Where: Samred kalan, jamwa ramgarh, Jaipur
Cost: Starting from ₹21,000/night onwards (approx.)

3. Ayatana Ooty


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Nestled amidst the serene Western Ghat mountains, Ayatana Ooty offers a blend of old-world charm and top-class luxury. Its pool gives you a view of the unadulterated splendour of the Nilgiris. Its palm-fringed temperature-controlled infinity pool immerses you in nature. While taking a long dip in the temperature-controlled pool, visitors may enjoy a magical view of the dreamland, which overlooks the verdant green tea estates. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the pristine waters, curl up with a book on one of the sun loungers, and take in the peace and quietitude.

Where: Athigaratty, Ooty, Adikaratti, Tamil Nadu
Cost: Starting from ₹18,000/night onwards (approx.)

4. WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort And Spa

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Surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Aravalli hills and the mesmerising landscapes of Jawai, Cheetahgarh is a boon for travellers seeking a blend of comfort and adventure. Although each of its separate villas has a private pool, its striking outdoor pool serves as the property’s focal point, looking like a delightful oasis. The resort has introduced its first-ever temperature-controlled pools within its single-bedroom chalet accommodations. Whether it’s a refreshing dip on a scorching day or a relaxing swim under the starlit sky, enjoy a comfortable swimming experience regardless of the season. Isn’t it quite a leisurely indulgence to unwind and enjoy moments of bliss?

Where: Circle, Rotela Lake, Varawal, Bera, Rajasthan
Starting from ₹26,000/night onwards (approx.)

5. Amaya


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As the morning sun gently kisses the surrounding peaks, at Amaya–you discover an experience that nourishes the soul. For those seeking the beauty of seclusion, the retreat offers accommodations to unwind and soak in the natural beauty that surrounds them. Splash into its amazing teardrop-shaped temperature-controlled swimming pool with natural filtration or head to the adult-only Finnish saunas—all of which perfectly satisfy the desire for vacay relaxation. Moreover, enjoy all of these in blissful solitude from the top of a private ridge. From private meals in secluded mountain tops, and horticulture tours to riverside picnics, it presents an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And if nothing else, you can always indulge in a swim, set just to your right temperature!

Where: Tehsil, Amaya Homes, VPO Darwa, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh
Starting from ₹30,000/night onwards (approx.)

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6. Six Senses Fort Barwara

A late 14th-century fort is now the luxurious Six Senses Fort Barwara on the outskirts of Jaipur. This modern marvel offers guests a haven of bliss where they can unwind, rejuvenate, and immerse themselves in pure luxury. Surrounded by intricately carved stone arches and majestic domes, it makes a lovely setting against a stark desert landscape. But perhaps the most enchanting aspect here is the temperature-controlled jacuzzi. Whether it’s a tranquil morning soak or a romantic evening rendezvous, the warm, bubbling waters ease tension and calm your mind.

Where: Six Senses Fort Barwara, Chauth Ka Barwara, Rajasthan
Cost: Starting from ₹92,000/night onwards (approx.)

7. Hyatt Regency Dehradun Resort And Spa

Designed with both comfort and style in mind, Hyatt Regency Dehradun is a blissful escape. One of the best luxury spa resorts, the hotel’s contemporary luxury becomes an irresistible invitation to relaxation and leisure. What sets the temperature-controlled infinity pool here different is the mirror-like clear water that reflects the sky and overlooks the valley and the mountains in the distance. Within the resort’s lies a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled pool, sky pool and jacuzzi offering dramatic views of the mountain ranges, and a contrast to the icy environs. The jacuzzi is tailored to individual needs, providing a unique thermal experience as well. Splash inside the pool and find yourself connected to the natural world.

Where: Forest Edge, Mussoorie Rd, Salan Gaon, Malsi, Dehradun
Cost: Starting from ₹18,000/night onwards (approx.)

8. The Claridges New Delhi

Credits: The Claridges New Delhi

For those of you who live in Delhi, you know that The Claridges has a convenient yet tranquil location. As you pull into this striking mid-century retreat’s driveway, the lobby welcomes you with a piano performance in progress and a mix of traditional and modern decor. The hotel has a beautiful temperature-controlled pool kept at a constant perfect 28.5 degrees celsius. It is an opulent retreat where its offerings are intended to lull you into a peaceful realm with calming therapies. It’s easily a doorway to reconnect with the natural world within the city and engage in healing practices.

Where: 12, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Rd, Tees January Road Area, Motilal Nehru Marg Area, New Delhi
Cost: Starting from ₹18,000/night onwards (approx.)

9. Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort is a sumptuous and tranquil haven with a stunning view of the surrounding valleys and mountains. Their infinity pool design, in particular, is sleek in design and contemporary. It’s temperature-controlled infinity pool lets you soak in serenity with the backdrop of the breathtaking mountains. Envision floating away through glistening waters while encircled by the tranquil splendour of the Himalayan terrain.

Where: Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh
Cost: Starting from ₹24,000/night onwards (approx.)

These luxurious retreats promise an unforgettable experience where warm waters and cool nights converge to create moments of pure bliss!

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