How Did Chembur Camp Get Its Name? Kamiya Jani Tells Shamita Shetty | Curly Tales

by Ananya Singh
How Did Chembur Camp Get Its Name? Kamiya Jani Tells Shamita Shetty | Curly Tales

Shamita Shetty is unquestionably stylish. With tidbits from her Instagram fashion diary, the actor continues to be fashion goals like a pro. The actress is renowned for her sense of style and is frequently consulted for fashion advice for all the right reasons. But did you know that the Shetty sisters grew up in Chembur and started their careers there? In conversation with Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief, Shamita Shetty shares her knowledge of Chembur in this fun segment of Tere Gully Mein.

Tere Gully Mein With Shamita Shetty

During a segment of the Tere Gully Mein episode, Kamiya tests Shamita on her knowledge of Chembur. The first question was to name three gardens in Chembur. The actress only remembered one, and that was Diamond Garden. She remembered this because she used to go on evening walks in the park with her father. When asked how Chembur camp got its name, she says, “That’s a good question. I’ve never asked that. I only know they have a very famous paya there.”

Laughing, Kamiya adds that the Chembur camp was formerly a refugee camp. Many Pakistanis, at least from Sindh and Punjab, arrived and settled in Chembur. Following the partition of India, many people who were compelled to flee the Sindh region sought refuge in Thane and Mumbai, especially in the Chembur neighbourhood, where a sizable portion of land next to the Bombay Presidency Golf Club was set aside for the construction of refugee camps. Although a multi-ethnic region, Chembur has a sizable Punjabi and Sindhi community, and several restaurants offer mouth-watering food at affordable prices. You may find the best eateries in the lush bylanes, from those serving Kerala’s fish Molly to the Sindhi breakfast staple Dal pakwan and Sev barfi.

Actor Teases Her Upcoming Movie

Shamita Shetty
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Kamiya asked Shamita Shetty about her upcoming projects in the Bollywood industry. She said, “I do actually have a film called ‘The Tenant.'” However, she wanted the teaser trailer to be out and the official announcement made before she could elaborate on her upcoming movie. Well, now you know an upcoming Shetty movie is reaching your nearest theatre soon. Are you excited? Because we are.

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