How Noida Rebranded Itself Into A Party Hub From A Boring Family Destination

by Sanmita A
by Sanmita A 132

If you have lived in the Delhi NCR region for a long time, could you have imagined partying in Noida? Or having a good time like folks from Delhi or Gurugram easily could? No, right? But today, you will notice a massive difference if you compare Noida to what it was even before the pandemic. Noida has just got better, and the partying scene, shopping malls and lines of places to hang out have just upgraded, and the current Noida crowd is loving it! Today, if you look around Noida city, you will find microbreweries, attractive pubs and fancy restaurants offering wholesome services.

Noida Revamped

To what Noida was once upon a time with just rows and rows of massive properties, today, it stands in a different avatar with better hospitality services. Honestly, it looks much lit than at Delhi’s Connaught Place. Unbelievable right? But, you have got to see the pubs and party places in Noida to ensure that you need not take long drives to have a good time or decent weekend.

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Noida – The New Party Hub

You must be thinking that it isn’t possible. Still, the Galleria Mall in Noida has over 20+ pubs, along with 10 in-house microbreweries, and tons of entertainment activities to draw the public and keep them hooked to the city. As a result, weekends in Noida have improved, and people of all generations flock to different places and make it better for businesses.

And no, Noida’s businesses are not doing it for the heck of it but are giving the other cities real competition by introducing innovative places. For example, the Galleria Mall has Fly Dining and Aero Bar to provide families and patrons with a different experience. Waiters dressed as flying crew give a real feel to the ambience and ensure the customers have dining inside an aircraft experience.


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How The City Is Catering To The Younger Crowd

Some say Noida was more of a family-centric city with businesses catering to families more than to singles. However, with time as the younger working crowd moved to Noida, the city has shaped itself according to the market needs. It is not only particular areas which have gone through this transformation, but areas like Sector 104 have a host of new places attracting customers.

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