How To Know You Are Being Served Stale Food In a Restaurant Buffet

by Suchismita Pal
How To Know You Are Being Served Stale Food In a Restaurant Buffet

We often get excited over restaurant buffets serving unlimited food at pocket-friendly rates. While the offers seem quite enticing, have you ever wondered how the restaurant manages to serve so much food at such determinate prices? Have you ever given thought if all of them are served fresh? Big restaurants aren’t obviously expected to offer stale food, as your good health is often their goodwill. But a few others might be serving leftover food items in their buffet. Here are the signs to know that you’re served stale food in a buffet:

1. Overcooked Curries

If you feel that one or two curries in your buffet are overcooked, there are chances that they aren’t fresh. They might have been warmed several times in the kitchen before being served at the buffet section.

2. Sour Taste

If any of your dishes taste unusually sour, be sure that they are stale. It is a sign that they have started releasing acids.

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3.  Unusual Smell

If you think that the dish served is smelling off ( even if it isn’t foul enough), call the waiter or manager and address the issue. There might be chances that the food is stale.

Restaurant Buffet
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4. Soggy Salads

If you feel that the salads served along with the food are soggy and tasteless, immediately discard them. Uncooked food, when stale, can be detrimental to your health. They might lead to acute stomach issues.

Restaurant Buffet
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5. Smelly Curds And Raitas

Some restaurants have the tendency to refrigerate curds, raitas and even paneer. And over time, they develop a weird smell and a pungent taste. In case you encounter any such smell, do not consume the curd or paneer.