I Took My Mother To Shirdi In A Helicopter & Enjoyed Breathtaking Panoramic View!

by Kamiya Jani
I Took My Mother To Shirdi In A Helicopter & Enjoyed Breathtaking Panoramic View!

Sai Baba’s darshan at Shirdi is an exceptional experience and my childhood memory of travelling with my parents has always been a weekend trip to this holy town. Cut to 2021, I took my mother to Shirdi, not by car, train or bus but in a HELICOPTER. This chopper ride by BLADE India curtailed the travel time from Mumbai to Shirdi to just 50 minutes, which would otherwise easily take us 5-6 hours. And what’s more, we got a bird’s eye view of the beaches and the city’s landscape. Of course, my mother was super excited!

We started our journey at around 8 AM in the morning in a luxurious car which was sent by the auto hanger for pick up. BLADE India is an urban air mobility firm that aims at cutting down travel time, enabling people to ditch the traffic and take to the skies instead. Given the times we are living in, I wanted to take my mother to her most favourite place Shirdi in the most luxurious and socially distanced way. The best part – I didn’t have to book the whole chopper but only two seats for her and myself.

Starting Off The Exciting Journey

Unlike the airports, we could reach Juhu Aerodrome just 20 minutes before the take-off time. The quintessential BLADE experience started off with enjoying refreshments and a breather before the take-off. We were given a yellow colour slap band which acts as a boarding pass for check-in along with a safety kit. And pretty soon it was time to board.

Mumbai To Shirdi Helicopter

After we boarded the helicopter, we put on our seat belts. We contained our excitement as the chopper took off from the helipad. Unlike the aeroplane, the helicopter takes off instantly without the requirement of speeding up on the runway. And therefore you may not even realise when you are in the air. It’s only the engine sound of the chopper that may remind you that this is not your regular flight!

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Mumbai To Shirdi Helicopter

Enjoying The Bird’s Eye View Of The City

The helicopter flies at a height of 2500-4000 feet, giving a perfect bird’s eye view of the city. The 50-minute long journey entails flying over soaring buildings and the sprawling slums of Mumbai. Given the peak office hours, I was glad to be not stuck in the city traffic. After some time, the sight instantly changed to open fields, lofty mountains, and the endless Arabian sea. If you travel in the early mornings, you may even spot a few flamingos. The sight is gorgeous throughout.

Mumbai To Shirdi HelicopterWhat would otherwise take 6 to 8 hours by road, took only about 50 minutes to get to Shirdi by BLADE India’s chopper services. I remember as I child dreading the Kasara ghat journey as I have always experienced motion sickness. But this time around, dodging all of that, flying over Maharastra and having my mummy by my side smiling and feeling proud made me feel very happy.

Mumbai To Shirdi Helicopter

Much like a commercial airline, you have a convenient option of booking a seat in the helicopter and not charter the entire flight. The helicopter can carry only 5 people at any given time compared to 100s in the plane and at the airport. The waiting time is a maximum of 15 minutes that limits your exposure to other people. A one-way ticket from Mumbai to Shirdi will cost you ₹15,500 + GST.

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Getting A VIP Darshan Of Sai Baba

After landing in Shirdi and before heading to the temple, we made a quick pitstop at the BLADE Lounge. The temple is only 8 kilometres away from the helipad and there will always be someone from the BLADE team to escort you door to door and also help with a VIP access to the Sai Baba Temple.

Mumbai To Shirdi HelicopterComing to Shirdi brings back a lot of childhood memories. I visited the holy town after good 10-15 years but mummy looked cheerful as if she was back home. On our way back to Mumbai, I decided to sit next to the pilot to have him share his experience and of course the view. BLADE extends its services to other cities such as Pune & Shillim. So, if you also wish to experience the smartest way of travel, click here right away!