I Went On A 3-Day Trip To Prague Under ₹43,000 Including Stay, Food, Sightseeing & Shopping

by Tania Tarafdar
I Went On A 3-Day Trip To Prague Under ₹43,000 Including Stay, Food, Sightseeing & Shopping

PRAGUE! The name transports you to a painting! They don’t call it picture-perfect without reason. This was one city that had been on my list for a very long time. My name is Shivangi Singh and when my husband and I started discussing what our next travel destination would be, Prague was an obvious choice. The beauty of living in London is that it gives you access to the rest of Europe, and it is easy to plan a trip to a place of your choice on a budget of your choice. Also, the fact that most countries are within 2 to 4 hours travel, it allows you to spend less time getting to the destination and more time exploring the destination. Since we were going to Prague, we decided to club our trip to two other cities being Budapest and Vienna, both of which we visited before we set out to Prague. 

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Train Travel From Vienna To Prague

We deliberately chose to take a train from Vienna to Prague as we wanted to see the changing landscape and also because it was way more economical. Everyone has different styles of travelling and more so a specific person might prefer different kinds of trips to other destinations. At the end of the day, the way you plan a trip is a personal choice, and it should always be that way. It was our decision that we did not want to stay in a costly accommodation because in a city trip you spend most of your time out exploring the city and very little time in your room. Here are Top 10 Things You Can’t Miss In Prague.

We Stayed At A Cosy Airbnb Near Charles Bridge

Having said that, what was important to us was the safety at the accommodation and the location as we wanted the housing to be centrally located, which would allow us to walk to most of the places. Airbnb to our rescue! We found this lovely hotel apartment right off Charles Bridge which was very spacious and perfect in every sense and with a lovely concierge. Prague is anyways an economic travel destination and will not burn a hole in your pocket. To give you an idea, our trip to Prague cost us approximately 450 pounds (about 43,000) which includes everything from travel cost, accommodation, internal city transport cost and the most importantly, food and shopping.

Our Itinerary

After a lot of deliberation, we decided to stay in Prague for three days, even though two days are more than enough to see Prague properly. But we wanted to stay an additional day to relax. I am meticulous when it comes to planning, and I like to plan all the details of the trip and like to do some touristy things in the city. I like to blend touristy and leisure on any trip. If we are in a city for three days, then one out of those three days would be packed with doing touristy things while the other two would be to relax, wander and explore hidden gems, cafés and restaurants.  Here are Top 5 Bollywood Inspired Travel Destinations In The World.

Day 1

Prague was no different. We got to Prague in the evening, and as soon as we dropped our bags, we decided to take a walk on Charles Bridge. The minute I stepped on to the bridge, I was blown away! It was like stepping into a painting from the 1800s. I couldn’t take my eyes off the view and stood mesmerised. Besides the Charles Bridge, another place with the most stunning scenery is the Prague Castle. A fun tram ride up to the Castle and you are transported to Czech royalty. We spent hours walking around the Castle, sipping some hot chocolate and on the way shopping for some beautiful glasswork which Prague is so famous for. We walked up to the highest spot in the Castle to get the most fabulous view of the city below. The most fun part of going up to the Castle was actually walking down from there through the winding roads exploring various shops and cafes. 

Day 2

We loved the whole exercise so much that we went back the next day to do the same drill again. And may I say we enjoyed it as much! The magnificent old-world charm of the city reflects in its beautiful architecture and its beautiful cobbled streets. The river cruise was an excellent relaxing way to observe the city, and even though we felt it was shorter than the other river cruises we have done in the past, I would still suggest not to miss it. Also, tourists diligently congregate at the Prague Astronomical Clock to see the changing of time every hour which as per us quite frankly did not live up to the hype. Still, it is worth a watch considering it is free and you will anyways see it every time you cross the old town centre.

Day 3

On our last day in Prague, we walked around the entire city all over again just soaking it all in before we had to leave. As we approached closer to the time to hail the cab to the airport, I went back to Charles Bridge as I just wanted stand on one end of it and look at the beautiful view and soak it all in. Three days are enough to see and soak in Prague, but the splendour of the place keeps calling out to you and will linger with you even once you have left the Praha, the beauty! Here’s A First Timer’s Guide To Saving Money On A European Vacation.

Food & Drinks

However, no trip is complete without indulging in the local food and flavours. Prague is known for its beer and fantastic street food. We spent all three days devouring the lovely hot dogs and the famous trdelník (a traditional Czech dessert made of a dough cone filled with ice cream or filling of your choice). However, two places stood out for us in Prague, and we visited both these restaurants more than once while we were there. The first one was this amazing pub called Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro. We went here to eat on our first evening in Prague. When I entered the place, it reminded me of Café Mondegor at Colaba in Mumbai. I did not have really high expectation from the site but was I wrong or was I wrong. We had to wait for 15 minutes to get a table even at 9 pm. The menu had several options from appetisers to sandwiches to burgers and even salads. The menu is so excellent that you would want to order it all. We were spoilt for choice! 

And did I mention that the beer here was cheaper than water! Yes, you heard it right, CHEAPER THAN WATER!!!!! We ordered a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and a Chicken Ceaser’s Salad, and it was delicious. Also, the place was super economical. It became our go-to place in Prague. However, this position is also shared by another café called Coffee & Waffles. It sounds simple and very regular. But trust me, it wasn’t. This place had a minimum waiting of 20 minutes on both the days that we went there for breakfast and we did not mind waiting. With a wide range of waffles to choose from and some fantastic coffee and hot chocolate, it just put us in the right mood in the morning for the rest of our day. I would recommend these two places to anyone visiting Prague apart from all the yummy street food, ice creams and desserts. You Will Soon Be Able To Experience Europe-Like Vibe In South Delhi With Open-Air Eateries.


TRAVEL: The 4-hour train journey from Vienna to Prague cost us approximately 18 pounds per person (approximately Rupees 1,700). We took a flight out of Prague back to London, which cost us about 37 pounds per person (approximately  3,500).

ACCOMMODATION: We stayed at the Retezova Apartments in the heart of Prague in Old Town just off Charles Bridge. The cost per night for two people was approximately 65 pounds (about 6200).

FOOD: Prague is packed with street cafes, restaurants and some amazing street food. 

Must-try eateries: Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro, Coffee & Waffles, Prague Beer Museum

Must-try food: Local Beers, Trdelník, Hot Dogs

MUST VISIT PLACES: Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Lennon Wall, Astronomical Clock, Old Town

                                            – Contributed by Shivangi Singh