IAS Officer Shared A Photo Highlighting Food Wastage In India; Here’s What Twitteratis Have To Say!

Food wastage in India
by Mallika Khurana 149

In India, weddings or large-scale celebratory functions are nothing short of a festival. With music, bling, and food in abundance, everyone enjoys attending them. But after all is said and done, there is no denying that Indian functions are a prime spot for food wastage in India.

One such reality check was delivered when an IAS Officer posted an image on his Twitter handle, @AwanishSharan. He captioned the image with a comment about ignorance towards food wastage at functions and urged everyone to be extremely cautious about the wastage of food.

Here’s what the office posted:

IAS Officer Posted About Food Wastage In India

Despite the fact that India’s food shortage is a significant cause for concern, extravagant weddings and other functions continue unabated. People don’t shy away from spending a lot of money on the food served at the venue. However, the money spent on food that gets wasted hurts the most. Especially in light of the fact that a lot of people go to bed hungry.

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Twitter Reacts To The Post

A lot of people posted their opinions about this on Twitter. Almost all of them favour giving extra food to the needy. Others voiced their suggestions for making rules against this waste. Even when all of us are aware of the problem, the amount of food wastage seems to be on the rise.

For some, it was a reality check about the intensity of food wasted in India.

While food wastage is a global concern, it is also an issue that needs to be discussed on every level. There are people who hardly have enough for one meal a day, and then, there are people who end up wasting food. Remember, change begins at home.

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