Iceland Is Planning To Welcome Tourists From June 15

by Gizel Menezes
Iceland Is Planning To Welcome Tourists From June 15

Most of the European countries are starting to ease their lockdown restrictions and trying to get things back to normal at a rather gentle pace. But one country among them is literally racing towards opening its borders back to tourists.

Yes, after just 6 weeks of lockdown, Iceland is all set to welcome visitors on June 15.

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Iceland Is Planning To Welcome Tourists From June 15

As per a recent Reuters report, Iceland is expecting to start easing travel restrictions for visitors arriving from overseas starting June 15.

However, there are certain rules that one would have to follow when one travels to Iceland. As per Reuters, anyone arriving in the country is expected to take a COVID-19 test (test results of which will be available on the same day) or undergo 2 weeks of quarantine.

Iceland will also allow its visitors to present valid certification from their home country, which gives them a clean chit for the coronavirus. Such visitors will be exempt from undergoing testing and quarantine.

However, everyone entering the country will be asked to download the Rakning C-19 app, which is Iceland’s official contact tracing app.

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Iceland Followed A Rigorous Testing And Tracing Model During COVID-19 Lockdown

According to Iceland’s Tourism Minister Thordis Kolbrun Reykfjord Gylfadottir, it was Iceland’s strategy of ‘large-scale testing, tracing and isolating’ that helped the country tackle the coronavirus to a large extent.

The Iceland government teamed up with its biopharmaceutical companies and tested over 13% of its population in just a matter of six weeks. And although Iceland’s population is just 3,60,000, it is quite a big feat!

The rigorous testing along with a highly efficient contact tracing team, helped Iceland track and isolate people who had been infected by COVID-19, even if they showed no symptoms. And it is because of these strict measures that Iceland was able to continue life without a total economic shutdown. Remarkable, isn’t it?

Reportedly, Iceland has reported only 1,799 confirmed cases and 10 deaths, as per government health data till date. Currently, the daily reported cases range in the single digits and even zero, at times.

But if all goes well, Iceland will be one of the first countries to reopen to tourists. And will be a shining example for hope across the world! And we can’t wait for that!

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