Idli Pizza Is The Latest Food Trend To Leave You Screaming ‘No’!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Idli Pizza Is The Latest Food Trend To Leave You Screaming ‘No’!

Some food trends need to be banned. Fines need to be imposed on these violators. Perhaps we’re sounding too harsh. But have you heard of Masala Dosa Ice Cream? Where an entire dosa is crushed, mixed with cream and rolled into ice cream? Or how about Gulab Jamun Dahi Chaat? You’re suffering from indigestion just reading this, right? Well, let’s introduce you to the latest food trend in town Idli Pizza!

Idli Pizza Recipe That Would Leave You Wondering Why

A video posted by @thegreatindianfoodieon Instagram introduces you to the world of Idli Pizzas. The recipe goes like this. First, mini idlis are placed in a glass bowl. Next, it’s topped with tomato sauce and corn. Catering to cheese lovers, the cook adds grated cheese to the dish. And also a slice of cheese. It’s sprinkled with more corn and finally baked for 4 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. Finally, he sprinkles chilli flakes and oregano. And your Idli Pizza is ready.

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Netizens Disapprove This Food Trend

With the song Locha-E-Ulfat playing in the background, you’d wonder if this dish is a comedy or tragedy! Well, you’ve got to try it to find out for yourself. Meanwhile, netizens rushed to the scene of the crime in total battle mode. Many commented “No No No..” You could almost hear them scream from their mobile screams. Another commented that it’s time to unfollow the channel. Let’s douse the fire by recommending to you one of the best places in Bangalore to try Rava Idli-MTR.


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