Illegal Contracts With Social Media Influencers In Abu Dhabi To Attract Fines Up To AED 10,000

Surf's Up! Abu Dhabi's New rules for social media influencers.

by Deeplata Garde
Illegal Contracts With Social Media Influencers In Abu Dhabi To Attract Fines Up To AED 10,000

In a move that’s making waves across the business landscape of Abu Dhabi, the Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has just dropped a bombshell for social media influencers and economic establishments alike. Whether you’re a startup, a thriving enterprise, or just an influencer hoping to ride the wave of success, these new guidelines are set to redefine how businesses splash their cash on social media.

Navigating The New Norms For Influencers In Abu Dhabi

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Picture this: You’re scrolling through Instagram and bam! There’s your favourite local coffee joint promoting a new brew. Before you tap ‘like’ or swipe ‘follow’, ADDED wants you to know the rules of the game. The new circular mandates that every economic establishment in Abu Dhabi must toe the line when partnering with social media influencers. No more winging it with paid posts or last-minute collabs. It’s all about getting that official stamp from ADDED.

Making Waves: Compliance Is Key

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Let’s break it down. If you’re a social media influencer, you’ve got to be licensed by ADDED to pedal any product on your profile. No license, no dice. For businesses, it’s not just about the paperwork – you need a permit for every promo, ad, or flash sale you splash across Snapchat or TikTok. And hey, when you’re sealing the deal with your influencer BFF, make sure their ADDED badge is shiny and legit. ADDED means business, literally. They’ve set fines ranging from a chill Dh3,000 to a serious Dh10,000 for those who try to ride the wave without a paddle.

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To Sum It Up

Remember, folks, it’s not just about the fines. ADDED isn’t afraid to drop the anchor on any business that doesn’t play by the rules. Stay cool, stay compliant, and your business could be riding high on those digital waves.

In conclusion, while Abu Dhabi’s new rules might seem like a big wave crashing down on your Insta-game, they’re actually a lifeguard for businesses and influencers alike. So, whether you’re scrolling or selling, remember to surf smart, surf safe, and don’t forget your ADDED life vest.

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