In A First, Have Movie-Inspired Dining Experience In LA & NYC While Watching A Film At Fork n’ Film

From reel to real, plan your next date night at Fork n’ Film.

by Ankita Mazumdar
In A First, Have Movie-Inspired Dining Experience In LA & NYC While Watching A Film At Fork n’ Film

Do you think movies are realistic or unrealistic? They do heighten our senses and are a great form of entertainment. But have you ever thought about what happens to all the food that is shown in the movies? Then you have also thought about how delicious and drool-worthy every single food item looks on screen. They look so appetising that you can’t help but think to yourself wouldn’t it be great if you could gorge on those exquisite-looking food dishes? Look like folks at Fork n’ Film strive to bring out the movie-inspired dining experience while you are watching a movie on the big screen. Say whattt!

Enjoy The First Ever Movie-Inspired Dining Experience At Fork n’ Film


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If you’ve ever wanted to try the delicious food shown in the movies, then this is the experience for you. Fork n’ Film is a dream come true for movie buffs! The cinematic universe is meeting the ultimate culinary experience by bringing the world face-to-face with a sweet little twist of delightful sensory fusion. Isn’t it a beautiful thing to experience? Getting to relish those same dishes that are showcased in the movies right at the same time as it is being blasted on the big screens!

You get to take a bit at the same time as the actors did, practically you can cheers and begin your food. Fork n’ Film is blurring the boundaries between reel and real with such a great movie-inspired dining experience. Through this, you will engage yourself with the senses of eyes, ears, nose, and tongue which in turn increases the level of your experience and enjoyment. That is a bang on the target. Kudos to Fork n’ Film!

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This Exclusive Meal Is A Multi-Sensory Gastronomic Adventure

Fork n’ Film has crafted multi-cuisine menus inspired by movies like Home Alone, Ratatouille and White Chicks. They have strived to make them look like the ones in movies, right down to the themes as well. That sounds so exciting! This option of movie-inspired dining and watching a movie together elevates the cinema-going experience to a lavish and heartfelt moment. Movie-buffs would hard relate to it.

Fork n’ Film has a great inclusive team of excellent chefs and they pick the venues accordingly. Even for Home Alone, the place was decorated with cute little Christmas stuff and the menu card was designed to give out proper Christmas dinner aesthetics. At the end of the day, they are elevating a classic cinematic experience to a multi-sensory gastronomic adventure. therefore, they have an awesome tagline which is- Don’t just watch the movie, taste it!

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It might be a gala time for people who are a foodie and a movie lover, try not to skip out on the movie playing in front of you or the food items. We are sure it will be a memorable experience which will be etched in your memory.

Click on the link to book your tickets and have a great movie-inspired dining experience because the seats fill up quickly!

As Fork n’ Film says, “Don’t just watch the movie, taste it!”

Where: Los Angeles and New York City
Tickets: Starting from $200

Cover Image Credits: Instagram/forknfilm

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