Lights Camera Action! 5 Places From Iconic 90s-2000s Movies Where You Can Live Like A Star

by Shreya Rathod
Lights Camera Action! 5 Places From Iconic 90s-2000s Movies Where You Can Live Like A Star

We often wonder about the film locations of our favourite movies. In today’s world, with the help of social media, you can establish a more personal connection with movie stars. Fans can now reserve the same homes and mansions that appear in movies through a variety of vacation rental agencies, demonstrating how the world of entertainment has gone beyond the screen. Here are some places from movies where you can stay and live like a star!

5 Places Featured In 90s-2000s Movies Where You Can Live

1. Bella Swan’s House From ‘Twilight’

twilight house places from movies
Credits: Airbnb

In the film Twilight, this mansion served as Charlie and Bella Swan’s residence. This quaint 1930s house is close to the historic waterfront and situated in a peaceful area of downtown Saint Helens. The property boasts a large backyard, two baths, and five bedrooms. The hosts’ collection of Twilight souvenir, the vintage decor, and the cosy fireplace are all for your enjoyment. The classic ‘Twilight’ set designs, notably the green kitchen cabinetry from the movies, have been preserved by the former owner of the 1930s-style home, guaranteeing that fans have a wonderful and memorable experience.

Where: Oregon
Cost: ₹27,430 Per Night

2. Harry Potter’s Childhood Home From Harry Potter Series

harry potter house places from movies
Credits: Airbnb

Tucked away in the charming English village of Lavenham, this magical house used to be Harry’s childhood home with his parents, James and Lily, before their tragic meeting with Voldemort. This charming home offers two comfortable bedrooms for rent that will add a little bit of holiday magic. After a hearty full English breakfast, take a fascinating tour of the mediaeval village that masterfully depicted Godric’s Hollow in the cult classic film series.

Where: Lavenham
Cost: ₹16,291 Per Night

3. The House From ‘A Christmas Story’

christmas story house
Credits: A Christmas House & Museum/ Website

The fabled home from “A Christmas Story” was available for short-term rentals on the website of the event space. Fans of the beloved holiday film can schedule a vacation at either the Christmas Story House, which is conveniently located near downtown Cleveland.

Where: Cleveland
Cost: ₹24,523 Per Night

4. The Highclere Castle From Downton Abbey

The Highclere Castle
Credits: Wikimedia

Recently, the opulent Jacobethan-style mansion that had been the Crawley family’s home for generations was up for rent—but just for a single night. The first person to reserve it was lucky enough to pay a surprisingly low price for the evening. The money they saved could then be used to rent exquisite gowns and jewellery, creating the perfect atmosphere for an amazing and lavish sleepover party.

Where: Newbury
Cost: ₹12,384 For One Night

5. The Mansion From ‘The Godfather’

godfather mansion
Credits: Airbnb

In August 2022, The Godfather fans had the chance to stay in the fabled Staten Island home that was featured in multiple exterior scenes of the film. Bookings through Airbnb require a 30-day notice. With five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, the house can accommodate three kids and two adults. This charming, 6,248-square-foot property, which was built in 1930, has undergone restorations and is entirely modernised, yet it can still be recognised from the outside because it appeared in “The Godfather” (1972).

Where: Newbury
Cost: ₹4,152 For One Night

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Comment below and tell us which of these places from movies you want to stay at.

Cover Image courtesy: @harrypotterfilm/ Instagram & Airbnb

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