In The Heart Of Gir National Park Lies, Dev’s Den, A Humble Resort That Costs Only ₹4,700/Night

Experience and enjoy Gujarat’s wildlife and nature by staying at this resort near Gir National Park

by Ankita Mazumdar
In The Heart Of Gir National Park Lies, Dev’s Den, A Humble Resort That Costs Only ₹4,700/Night

We all sang our hearts out with Katy Perry when she sang, “You’re gonna hear me roar, Louder, louder than a lion, ‘Cause I am the champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar”. Right? Right. What if we told you that now you could roar with actual Asiatic lions? Yes, you read that (roaringly) right. Dev’s Den In Gujarat is located in the heart of Gir National Park in Gujarat where you can be with nature and experience the greatness of Gujarat’s wildlife. Check them out to know more.

Gir National Park Has Dev’s Den Resort Right In The Heart Of It

Dev's Den
Image Courtesy: Website/Dev’s Den

Dev’s Den is the perfect place to enjoy the lions of Gujarat roaring in full glory. Whether it is location-wise or resort or food facilities, Dev’s Den near Gir National Park is the best in the game. Their unique rooms of Luxury or Deluxe options give you one of your comfortable stays as they as very humble which makes it extra cosy. You get to enjoy the great pool with your friends and family; can even have a relaxing pool party!

Enjoy the mesmerising views as Dev’s Den offers panoramic views of the lush green surroundings which means the great Gir National Park and its perfectly maintained garden. You get to experience the beauty of Gujarat and nature in full glamour. By staying here, you choose not to disturb your peace, we mean quite literally! Because you are nestled amidst the lush greens and only pristine nature sounds filling your earbuds, nothing else.

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Get A Perfect Glimpse Of Gujarat’s Lions

Dev's Den
Image Courtesy: Website/Dev’s Den

Now on to the goody portion of this stay, the wildlife safaris. Gir National Park is the land of great Asiatic lions along with many other animals. If you plan on booking this safari, do it from the official website of the Sasan Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. You will come across beautiful flora along with over 300 different species of birds, Indian leopard, Bengal fox, deer, golden jackal, and more. It will be a fabulous experience and you should not miss this at any cost.

If you wish to engage with the tribes living at the park and know about them you may do that as well. They are Maaldhari and Siddi. Maaldharis are a pastoral tribe who rear cattle and harvest. The Siddis are an African origin tribe as their ancestors migrated to Sasan Gir over five centuries ago. Siddi’s have a very energetic dance form known as Dhamal Dance. Have a dhamal with them on Dhamal Dance!

How To Reach?

Dev's Den
Image Courtesy: Website/Dev’s Den

The nearest train station is Veraval and the resort is about 45 km from there, which will take you about 55 minutes. The nearest airport is Keshod Airport which is 70 km away, you have to book a local cab to your humble destination. If you plan to drive down from Gandhinagar then it is 394 km away which is almost an 8-hour drive. It can be a nice road trip with your friends and family.

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Lions are roaring for you in Gujarat and to experience it, click here to book your stay at Dev’s Den Homestay.

Where: Dev’s Den Homestay, Bhodje, Talala, Sasan Gir, Gujarat
Check-Out Time: 11 AM
Cost: ₹4,700/Night

Cover Image Courtesy: Website/Dev’s Den 

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