Pune’s Grassland Safari Welcomed 120+ Visitors In 20 Days; Location, Cost, Timings & More About It

by Shreya Rathod
Pune’s Grassland Safari Welcomed 120+ Visitors In 20 Days; Location, Cost, Timings & More About It

There is a growing attraction for wildlife safari among tourists. In fact, there has been an increase in tourists going to African safaris. In keeping with this, the Maharashtra government introduced a safari near Pune. Here’s all about the Grassland Safari and what it has to offer!

Grassland Safari Welcomes Over 120 Visitors!

grassland safari pune
Credits: Grassland Safari/ Website

Since being introduced to the district on October 18 by the Pune Forest Division, Grassland Safari has seen a significant increase in visitors. With around 120 guests and 30 bookings in the first 20 days, the department has made between ₹50,000 and ₹55,000, according to Mayur Bothe, assistant conservator of forests, Pune Forest Division, and project in-charge of Grassland Safari.

According to him, the department has not yet prepared their details, such as age, time spent, and experiences, even though the specialised website began to give safari capabilities and has recorded 120 visits. Shirsuphal in Baramati tehsil and Kadbanwadi in Indapur tehsil are part of the safari’s forest belt.

At the moment, private cars are used by visitors to the safari. Depending on foot traffic, the department intends to launch an internal travel programme. A senior forest officer stated that they anticipate more visitors during the winter as it is a good season to sight many wild animals. The forest department’s grassland management strategy includes the safari project.

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Mahadev Mohite, deputy conservator of forests, Pune Forest division, stated that the main goals are to create job opportunities for residents and raise public awareness of the grassland environment. In the future, the department intends to launch a wildlife safari in Baramati and a leopard safari in Junnar.

Location, Cost, Wildlife & More

grassland safari pune
Credits: Grassland Safari/ Website

The safari in the Kadbanwadi zone of Indapur begins at the Kadbanwadi gate and travels 30 km along the route before returning to the gate. Along the road, the villages of Kadbanwadi, Kalas, and Vitthalwadi are home to the main forest departments. Gadikhel Gate is where the safari in Baramati’s Shirsuphal zone begins, and Parwadi Gate is where it concludes. The villages of Gadikhel, Shirsuphal, Sablewadi, and Parwadi are all included in the 40-mile trip.

Numerous animal species, including Bengal fox, Indian grey wolves, chinkaras, Indian gazelles, jackals, and striped hyenas, can be found in these grasslands. Near Pune, the grasslands of Indapur and Baramati are excellent locations for birdwatching, with over 330 different species to choose from, including rain quail, ashy-crowned sparrow lark, grey-necked bunting, and painted francolin.

For two-wheelers, the entry fee to the forest department is ₹1,500, and for four-wheelers, it is ₹2,000. It is important to note that the forest department does not provide a vehicle for the tour. Instead, only private four-wheelers with a maximum capacity of seven (including the driver and guide) are permitted in the zones. Interested parties can book a slot online at their website, after which they will be assigned a locally trained guide.

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With this new safari, you don’t need to travel to Africa, instead, you can just travel to Pune! Comment below and share your thoughts about the Grassland Safari near Pune and tell us if you have visited yet.

Cover Image Courtesy: Grassland Safari/ Website

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