In The Last 4 Years, Nearly 100 Hotels Have Adorned Dubai Skyline

by Anupriya Mishra
In The Last 4 Years, Nearly 100 Hotels Have Adorned Dubai Skyline

Dubai has performed well on ranking lists by snagging the first spot quite often. So, it’s hardly surprising when in a recent report, it was revealed that the Dubai hotel boom has seen an addition of 100 new hotels since 2019. And if you are also wondering about this, here’s a glimpse of all the figures that support this year.

100 New Dubai Hotels Have Emerged Since 2019

Dubai Roads
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It seems that Dubai’s hotel and tourism sectors are booming. We say this because, since 2019, about 100 new hotels have opened, thereby adding 30,000 new rooms. Yes, in a report by Khaleej Times it was revealed that according to the latest data by the Dubai Economy & Tourism, the hospitality establishments grew by 96 from 714 in June of 2019 to 810 in June of 2023. However, when compared to the previous year, the hotels grew by 37! This is hardly surprising as some of the most prestigious hotels in the world have recently opened their doors in the past year. These include exclusive names such as Atlantis The Royal, Marriot Resort Palm Jumeirah, and Hilton Palm Jumeirah to name a select few.

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The Number Of Tourists Has Also Reached 8.55 Million In the 1st Half Of 2023

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This is not all, the emirate also surpassed its pre-pandemic tourist figures by reaching 8.55 million in the first half of 2023. During 2019, the figures were at 8.36 million in the same period. With the addition of over 30,000 keys, the hotel rooms in Dubai have expanded to 1,48,689 in June of this year. Moreover, the list was dominated by the five-star category! Did you know that the average hotel occupancy also stood at 78% during the first half of 2023? Well, this is a fantastic figure as it is also the highest in the world, and of course even higher than the previous years. As it happens, Western Europe has seen to have emerged as a major contributor to tourism arrivals.

So, with such powerful figures as a motivational tool, one can certainly expect that the Dubai hotel boom will continue.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva