India Gets Its Longest Train At 2.8 Kms And It Is Called SheshNaag

by Sanjana Shenoy
India Gets Its Longest Train At 2.8 Kms And It Is Called SheshNaag

The Indian Railways created a record on June 2 after it ran a 2.8 km long train ‘SheshNaag’. This not only the longest freight train but also the longest ever train to be operated by the Indian Railways. The amalgamation of four empty BOXN rakes helped develop this 2.8km long train. And then powered by four sets of electric locomotives. The South East Central Railway zone, Nagpur Division of the Indian Railways achieved this remarkable feat. To fight the ongoing battle of coronavirus Indian Railways currently deploys 960 COVID care coaches to 5 Indian states. 

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Indian Railways Operates Longest Freight Train ‘SheshNag’

‘SheshNag’, the longest ever freight train of 2.8km long was operated by the Indian Railways on June 2. This is also the longest ever train to run on Indian Railways. The rake had a total of 251 wagons. And four electric locomotives fitted in between pulled these wagons. Indian Railways created the 2.8km long train by amalgamating four empty BOXN rakes. Four sets of electric locomotives then powered these rakes. Indian Railways’ South East Central Railway zone achieved this accomplishment. For the safety of passengers, Indian Railways cancelled all bookings till June 30. 

The Indian Railways is currently focussing on the movement of freight trains in its networks. This is because the passenger trains aren’t running in full utilisation due to the coronavirus outbreak. Indian Railways removed multiple freight rakes together to help save transportation time. It’s also done to assist the decongestion of the rail route.

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Ministry Of Railways Tweets Video Of  ‘SheshNag’

The Ministry of Railways tweeted a video of the ‘SheshNaag’.  It captioned it as “Indian Railways breaks another record. Operates ‘SheshNaag’, a 2.8 Km long train amalgamating 4 empty BOXN rakes, powered by 4 sets of electric locomotives. ‘SheshNaag’ is the longest train ever to run on Indian Railways.”

The South East Central Railway zone earlier operated ‘Super Anaconda’. This happened on attaching three rakes of freight train together. ‘Super Anaconda’ ran between Lajkura and Raurkela in Odisha. It operated with a total of 177 loaded wagons combining three freight trains together between Odisha’s Lajkura & Raurkela. And now Indian Railways created a new record by running the 2.8 km long freight train, SheshNaag. This is indeed a remarkable feat for the Indian Railways, which continues to help India fight the coronavirus battle by even building contactless cubicles for doctors to treat COVID-19 patients.