India Might Get 100 New Airports By 2024

By 2024, you could be flying all across the country. India aims to build approximately 100 new airports by the end of 2024. This says a lot about travel within the country in the near future with even relatively smaller towns getting connected to major cities. According to reports, a proposal has been submitted that states that 1000 news routes will be started that will help connect towns and cities that hadn’t been well-connected.

India 100 airports 2024

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Around 100 New Airports By 2024

Sources say that a meeting was held to discuss the proposal. In a private meeting during a close discussion, it was disclosed that approximately ₹1 trillion is being invested in the project to create state-of-the-art airports across the country. They are also planning on starting a plane-leasing financing business in the country.

The reason why this move has been taken is to boost the economy. India is aiming to achieve a target of becoming an ₹5 trillion economy by the end of 2025. And India isn’t the only country that is investing in aviation. China is planning on building 450 airports by the end of 2035.

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India 100 Airports 2024

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And that is not all. The country is also planning to increase regionally trained pilots in the city. They want to push out approximately 600 trained pilots every year along with boosting the domestic aircraft fleet to increase it by and get it up to 1200. The country has also managed to capitalise and make the utmost use of the existing airways in the last three years. Earlier, India only had 75 functioning airways out of 450. But now they have approximately 38 new airports that have been added to the list.

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The task at hand is daunting because it is very difficult to implement and construct so many airports in only 5 years. But on completion, this could mean a lot for the country’s economy and also lead to an increase in employment.

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