Indian Railways Earmarks Train Berths In Mail & Express Trains For Divyangs

by Shreya Ghosh
Indian Railways Earmarks Train Berths In Mail & Express Trains For Divyangs

Train journeys are comfortable but it can get tiring at times when the journey is long. These journeys can get more difficult for passengers with any disability. Now Indian Railways are taking new steps to make sure that Divyangs have a comfortable journey when they are travelling on a train.  The railways have now designated proper train berths for people with disabilities. This new beginning is not for all kinds of trains running all around the country. To know all about it, continue reading!

Indian Railways Has Earmarked Lower Berths For Disabled Passengers

Indian railways
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Now passengers with disabilities and their attendants will be given the priority to choose the lower berths while travelling on some trains. According to a report by Republic World, the railways have allotted four seats in the lower berths for these passengers. As per the new change, now 4 berths in the Sleeper class and 2 berths in the 3E class are for the Divyangs and the attendants with them.

  • 4 berths in Sleeper class: 2 lower berths and 2 middle berths
  • 2 berths in 3 AC: 1 lower berth and 1 middle berth

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This new decision by Indian Railways will help the concerned passengers to enjoy a train journey with more comfort and ease. These specific lower seats will be a huge help for them to get up and down their seats and enjoy a smooth journey. There is already an option where women passengers, women with babies, and old passengers can choose designated berths.

This Facility Is Accessible In These Trains:

  • Passengers with disabilities along with their attendants will be able to use this facility by Indian Railways only in express trains and mail trains.
  • There are 2 seats reserved for these passengers in AC chair car trains.
  • 2 lower berths and 2 upper berths in Garib Rath trains are now reserved for Divyang. These passengers will need to pay the exact fare to avail of this new facility.

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