Indian Restaurant In Dubai Embosses ‘Wash Your Hands’ Message On Food

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Indian Restaurant In Dubai Embosses ‘Wash Your Hands’ Message On Food

Dubai is doing its best to contain the spread of Covid 19. Recently, restaurants around the city offered free meals to health workers and now, an Indian restaurant has gone a step further. Sagar Ratna, one of Dubai’s famous Indian restaurants is embossing a ‘Did you wash your hands?’ reminder on its rotis to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

Credits: Gulf News

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What’s In It?

The next time you order from Sagar Ratna, you’ll binge on rotis embossed with a message. In order to ensure people take the situation more seriously, the restaurant embossed ‘Did you wash your hands?’ reminder on their rotis. The restaurant has all the sanitisation and hygeine standards in place. These special rotis are part of the Indian thali.

Credits: Gulf News

The mold used to make the message is made of steel and is sterilized before every use. The roti is first rolled out with a rolling pin, then put on an oven and baked at a certain high temperature. Once it is cooked, the mold is heated and the message embossed. The roti is served right on top, so people remember to wash their hands before eating. The restaurant prepares 400 rotis every day for 100 thalis.

What Else?

Amidst the havoc created right now by covid 19, residents are forced to stay indoors. In order to fight the battle together, restaurants in Dubai have started offering free meals during Covid 19. With people stuck in quarantine and unable to leave home, eateries around the city have offered to help.

During this pandemic, the most vulnerable people will be eligible for free meals throughout the day. South Indian restaurant, Uppum Mulakam has come up with this unique initiative. The restaurant has branches in Karama and Mamzar and have taken a bold step to offer humanitarian aid to all those in need.

The restaurant has offered to serve lunch and dinner meals for all of those affected by Coronavirus. Individuals who are advised to remain confided to their home will be eligible for free meals all day. Furthermore, the restaurant has also arranged free delivery. A total of five different delivery vehicles, will be used as part of their service.

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Golden Fork, a Chinese restaurant is also offering the free food service. Both the restaurants have also joined forces with the Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre, the KMCC, to help in delivering food. They are open to, and are willing to deliver food to any place across the UAE. The restaurants offer non-vegeratrian and vegetarian cuisines, and this service would be absolutely free. The eateries are also very specific about their standards of cleanliness. Their delivery boys take extra care and precaution to make sure they remain sanitised at all times.