Indian Tourism Sector To Lose ₹15 Lakh Crore In FY21; Recovery Not Possible For Next 5 Months

by Drishti
Indian Tourism Sector To Lose ₹15 Lakh Crore In FY21; Recovery Not Possible For Next 5 Months

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on many industries in the country, and tourism is no exception. However, what is surprising is the sheer value of the loss the Indian tourism sector might incur this year. The Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism & Hospitality (FAITH) has estimated the loss of the Indian tourism industry to stand at ₹15 lakh crore in FY21.

Tourism Industry Not Expected To Recover In The Next 5 Months

The new figure is a massive threefold increase from the previous estimated loss value in March, ₹5 lakh crore. This increase is owing to the fact that several supply chains have broken down with the pandemic still raging. The Indian tourism industry is not expected to recover in the next five months, FAITH further said in its statement.

Image Courtesy: Esikkim Tourism

This year will be the worst performing year for tourism in a century, the apex tourism body of India added. Hotels, tour operators, and restaurants among others have been severely impacted. It has also urged the government to set up a tourism fund to help all the employees associated with the travel industry.

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Domestic Aviation Slowly Bounces Back

The country’s aviation sector is slowly gaining ground. Domestic flights in the country were suspended with the central government announcing a lockdown on March 25. With flight operations resuming from May 25, domestic air traffic witnessed a consistent improvement. However, the civil aviation ministry has said announced that the restrictions and air caps on domestic flights will be well into effect till November 24.

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F&B, Hospitality Industries Struggle To Survive

The F&B and hospitality industries are also facing the brunt of the pandemic, in addition to tourism. These industries too, are doing all they can to sustain themselves. Some hotels are selectively operating with all the safety measures in place, and restaurants have started food delivery services. For instance, this is how Chaayos is making things safer for its customers: