Indian Woman Wins $1 Million At Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Draw 1st Time In 12 Yrs Of Buying Tickets

Dubai Duty Free has a Millennium Draw where an Indian woman won $1 million! Here's all about it.

by Shreya Rathod
Indian Woman Wins $1 Million At Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Draw 1st Time In 12 Yrs Of Buying Tickets

Winning a lottery is a dream for many and is entirely dependent on your luck. And while most of us aren’t lucky enough to win a huge sum, this Indian woman bagged $1 million at the Dubai Duty-Free Millennium draw; here’s all about it.

Indian Woman Won $1 Million At Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Draw

indian woman $1 million dubai duty free
Credits: Canva

For the last 23 years, Dubai Duty-Free has been organising a Millennium Millionaire draw. In fact, there have been eight winners who have twice won the lottery by sheer coincidence. Recently, one Indian woman was lucky enough to win $1 million, joining the lengthy list of Indian millionaires who have won this lottery.

Being a resident of Punjab, Payal purchased ticket number 3337 online on May 3 and was the fortunate winner of the Millionaire draw. She noted that the ticket was bought with her husband’s money on the occasion of their 16th anniversary. She considered purchasing a DDF ticket online with most of them having 3s in it.

In fact, the woman has been purchasing these tickets for the last 12 years each time they were on a trip. She used to purchase DDF lottery tickets at the airport once or twice a year. However, on the most recent occasion, she deviated from my usual practice and bought a ticket online for the first time.

She Is The 229th Indian To Win This

dubai duty free
Credits: Wikimedia

Interestingly, she was the 229th Indian to be promoted to Millionaire status. When asked about what she would do with the fund, she stated it was too early. And of course, her kids’ future and education are the priorities. The chances of winning this draw is one in 5,000 and every draw is performed every two to three weeks in the Dubai Duty Free shopping area. As for the rules of this draw, you need to purchase a ticket to enter the Millennium draw. The Dubai Duty-Free administration oversees each Millennium Millionaire and Finest Surprise draw.

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Lastly, we congratulate the winner for this amazing win and if you want to be a millionaire too, participate in this Millennium draw and try your luck!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & Dubai Duty Free/ Website

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