Indians May Get To Travel Visa-Free To Russia But There’s A Catch; Details Inside

by Shreya Ghosh
Indians May Get To Travel Visa-Free To Russia But There’s A Catch; Details Inside

Russia has a special proposal for a visa-free travel regime for Indian tourist groups. The country recently shared its plan of visa-free travel with India where citizens of both countries can enter each other’s counties. But they can only visit visa-free if they are travelling in organised groups and the rule implies for tourists from both India and Russia. Here are further details of this proposal by Russia.

What Is This Visa-Free Travel Agreement All About?

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Maksim Reshetnikov, the Economic Development Minister, talked about Russia’s proposal on Thursday. In a conversation with 24 TV, he shared how the proposal for initiating a visa-free travel regime has been sent to India already. Also, Moscow is following a similar travel plan with China, according to a report by The Economic Times. They are allowing visa-free entry for organised travel groups from China. In fact, they are following the same travel regime with Iran as well. And now they want to start the same with India too.

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The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down and tourism industries all around the world have been impacted badly. The travel and tourism sector of Russia faced the consequences of the pandemic as well and now it is becoming difficult to revive the industry just like in the pre-pandemic years, shared the Minister. Not only the outbreak of coronavirus, but another significant reason to impact the travel industry there is also the Russia-Ukraine war.

Russia Started E-Visa Facility For Indian Passport Holders Earlier This Month

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The Russian authorities recently began a new visa facility where they are issuing e-visa to the bearers of Indian passports. From 1 August 2023, this e-visa facility is helping Indian tourists to apply for their Russian visa easily and get approval quickly. E-visas are helping Indian passport holders to visit Russia for business purposes, travelling, or visitors’ visits. In fact, this visa aims to provide a hassle-free visa application process and complete everything in a short period of time as well.

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