India’s Climate Change Impact Is Severe At 61%; 50% Indians Fear Losing Homes In Next 25 Years

Climate change is a serious topic for the planet and several countries have been affected by it, especially India.

by Shreya Rathod
India’s Climate Change Impact Is Severe At 61%; 50% Indians Fear Losing Homes In Next 25 Years

Climate change is a serious issue for the planet and refers to long-term shifts in temperature and weather. A recent study by Ipsos shows the effects of climate change and which countries are facing them, especially India. Here is all about the key findings of the study.

Climate Change Study & Its Key Findings

climate change india
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With a focus on what individuals observe around them and what they think about the steps being taken to solve the issues it brings, this Ipsos study offers a fresh evaluation of how people feel about climate change at the moment. It was issued ahead of the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference.

According to the Ipsos Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of ESG, Lauren Demar, the latest study reveals the reality as world leaders gather at COP. A majority of people have witnessed climate change’s impact and are bracing for its escalation. A stunning seven in ten think climate change will adversely influence their local locations within the next decade.

Moreover, their findings highlight a crucial discrepancy. There is a widespread belief that businesses and governments are not responding to public concerns with the same degree of openness and action.

Key Findings:

1. In 31 countries, 57% have already seen the severe effects of climate change where they reside. This percentage can reach up to eight out of ten for nations such as Mexico, Brazil, and Turkey.

2. According to 38% of respondents, it’s likely that they will lose their house to climate change-related displacement within the next 25 years.

3. According to 59% of respondents, their government does not give them enough information to help them make better decisions about addressing climate change.

4. 63% disapprove of the attempts made by their government to inform them of any potential consequences.

5. Most individuals tend to think that the media exaggerates the effects of climate change.

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Study Reveals India’s Climate Change Impact Is Severe At 61%

climate change india
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Although the percentage varies significantly by country, nearly six out of ten people (57%) say that climate change is having a negative impact on their area. The countries with the largest reported impacts of climate change are Mexico (81%), Brazil (79%), and Turkey (79%).

Less than two-fifths of respondents in just two nations—Sweden and Great Britain—report severe effects (34% and 24%, respectively). With six of the top ten countries coming from the region, Latin Americans are the group that should worry the most out of all 31 countries.

Furthermore, 71% of respondents anticipate that, during the next ten years, climate change will have a significant influence on their area (global country average). Eight in ten people in six countries say they believe this. And in South Korea, that number rises to over nine in ten (88%) people.

Adding to the timetable, around two-fifths (38%) believe they will lose their house in the next 25 years, with Brazil (61%), Turkey (68%) and other countries having the highest levels of fear. All of the European nations that are least concerned are Great Britain, Poland, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands, where one in four people believe they will need to relocate.

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Among this, India has suffered a 61% impact of climate change and it is anticipated to escalate!

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