India’s First All Women Led Metro Station In Hyderabad!

by Madhusree Chatragadda
India’s First All Women Led Metro Station In Hyderabad!

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Creating history in India, here’s welcoming our very first all women metro station in Hyderabad!

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What Is It?

Christened Taruni Madhuranagar station, Hyderabad Metro Rail established an all-women workforce driven metro station as an Ugadi gift, the South Indian New Year.

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The measure was taken to promote gender equality and women empowerment. Although the metro services shall be open to men as well, it is specifically to empower women and cater to their needs.

What’s More?

N.V.S Reddy, the HMR Managing Director has lined up an exhibition and several talks and discussions to be held near the metro station to further start conversations around bridging gender inequality.

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Fun competitions of drawing and arts shall also be held for children! Entry is free for all.