India’s First Pure Cane Juice Rum Wins Gold & Silver at Rum & Cachaça Masters 2024

Cheers to Camikara, a rum that's redefining the spirits landscape in India and beyond.

by Mallika Khurana
India’s First Pure Cane Juice Rum Wins Gold & Silver at Rum & Cachaça Masters 2024

In India’s bustling spirits scene, Camikara has culminated in a triumphant hat-trick win at the esteemed Rum & Cachaça Masters Competition 2024. It has been an incredible journey for Camikara to become the first pure cane juice rum in India. Its original goal was to change people’s perceptions of rum as an inexpensive beverage and turn it into a high-end category deserving of international acclaim. 

Camikara Sweeps Rum & Cachaça Masters 2024 


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The makers of Camikara, Piccadily Distilleries, wanted to make a beverage that captured the spirit of India’s people, land, and culture. They also showcase the abundance of the country’s sugarcane. The recent triumph of Camikara at the Rum & Cachaça Masters 2024 competition marks another significant milestone for India’s burgeoning spirits industry. This achievement highlights the exceptional quality of this cane juice rum. It also showcases India’s potential as a producer of premium spirits on the global stage.

Piccadily Distilleries’s commitment to crafting a world-class product using pure cane juice sets it apart from its competitors. The recognition garnered by Camikara at the prestigious Rum & Cachaça Masters competition speaks volumes about the brand’s dedication to excellence and innovation.

The blind-tasting format of the competition ensured that each entry was evaluated solely on its merits, free from bias or preconceptions. Camikara secured two gold medals for its 12YO and 8YO variants, along with a silver medal for its 3YO expression. It truly underscores its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

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The Rum Revolution Continues With Two Golds And A Silver Win


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Siddhartha Sharma, the visionary founder of Piccadily Distilleries, envisions Camikara as more than just a premium rum. It’s a testament to India’s rich heritage, culture, and agricultural abundance. Every bottle of this rum harnesses the flavours of the land and the expertise of local artisans. The cane juice rum certainly encapsulates the essence of India in every sip.

With Camikara leading the charge, India’s spirits industry is poised for exponential growth and international acclaim. Consumers around the world are embracing the unique flavours and cultural significance of this rum. It certainly paves the way for a new era of Indian spirits to shine on the global stage.

Cheers to Camikara—a rum like no other, and a symbol of India’s spirit of innovation and excellence.

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