India’s First Underwater Train Will Be Operational By March 2023

by Sanmita A
India’s First Underwater Train Will Be Operational By March 2023

Train travels are nothing less than adventures in India. And to add to the experience, Kolkata’s first underwater train will soon be operational. Take a ride in India’s first underwater train by March 2023. It is just a few more months before this revolutionary train starts functioning in Kolkata. And, we can already anticipate the excitement among Kolkata folks and its tourists for taking a ride on India’s first underwater train!

Underwater Train In Hoogly River

The underwater train will be functional under Kolkata’s Hoogly River. Twin tunnels will be built underneath the Hoogly River. These tunnels will be 1.4 m wide. To prevent water from entering the tunnels, there will be hydrophilic gaskets. India’s first underwater train has had an investment worth of ₹8600 crores. And, the good news is, that the underwater train will be functional by March next year.

Kolkata also had new underground stations inaugurated. There are also additional plans of adding metro stations at Esplanade, Mahakaran, Howrah, and Howrah Maidan.

The construction of the metro tunnels has been undertaken by the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation.

Also, did we mention that Kolkata’s underwater train tunnel is being compared to the mega Eurostar? The Eurostar connects Europe with more than 100 destinations, including Paris, Belgium, the Netherlands and more. Eurostar had started functioning way back in 1994.

Underwater Train

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After Kolkata, It’s Will Be Assam

In Assam’s project, an underwater rail route, as well as a road, will be functional. An amount of ₹7000 crores will be invested in this project which will be constructed on the Brahmaputra river. These tunnels will not only connect Assam but parts of Arunachal Pradesh too. It is estimated that an average time period of 2.5 years will be required for the underwater train route and road to be functional.

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