IndiGo Flight To Delhi Diverts To Chandigarh; Flight Lands “With Only 1 Or 2 Minutes Of Fuel Left”

It was on Saturday when the IndiGo flight was diverted to Chandigarh due to bad weather.

by Shreya Ghosh
IndiGo Flight To Delhi Diverts To Chandigarh; Flight Lands “With Only 1 Or 2 Minutes Of Fuel Left”

Travelling on a flight is a comfortable experience but sadly it can turn out to be a scary journey at times. Planes making emergency landings at different destinations is quite a common issue and many flights often come across such unfortunate incidents. Recently, an IndiGo flight flying to Delhi was forced to divert to Chandigarh. From changing the destination to finally landing, it was quite a miserable experience for everyone on the flight.

IndiGo Flight From Ayodhya To Delhi Was Diverted To Chandigarh

Taking to X, Satish Kumar (@CopSatish499) shared his scary experience of travelling on this flight.

Satish Kumar was one of the passengers of the IndiGo flight 6E2702 from Ayodhya to Delhi. The flight departed from Ayodhya at 3:25 PM and according to the scheduled timing, the arrival time in the national capital was 4:30 PM. It was at about 4:25 PM when the pilot announced bad weather conditions in Delhi. While announcing the poor weather updates, the pilot assured that the plane had the holding fuel for about 45 minutes.

Though the pilot tried to land at the Delhi airport, he failed to do so because of the weather conditions. In attempting to land, the pilot not only wasted time but limited fuel as well. It took a long time to decide the next step while the plane was in the air. At around 5:30 PM, the pilot announced that the flight was diverted to Chandigarh. It was about 75 minutes after the previous announcement about holding fuel when the pilot shared the update about landing in Chandigarh.

Meanwhile, passengers and crew started to get fearful, thinking about the limited fuel. Many began panicking as well. Out of stress, tension, and panic, many passengers and one of the cabin crew staff began to puke inside the flight.

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The Plane Landed After 6 PM

IndiGo Flight To Delhi
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

It was at 6:10 PM when the IndiGo flight on its way to Delhi diverted its route and landed at the Chandigarh Airport. The X user shared that the flight reached Chandigarh “after a lapse of 115 minutes since the 45 minutes holding fuel announcement”. The cabin crew staff stated that the flight landed absolutely in the nick of time. There was only about 1 to 2 minutes of fuel left in that plane to operate when it landed.

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Things could have gone so wrong but gladly everyone is safe.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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