IndiGo Passenger Shares Photo Of Her Broken Luggage; Netizens Slam Airline & Share Experiences

IndiGo passenger shared a photo showing how the airline mishandled her luggage.

by Shreya Ghosh
IndiGo Passenger Shares Photo Of Her Broken Luggage; Netizens Slam Airline & Share Experiences

Most of us love travelling on flights. The journeys are indeed more expensive in comparison to the train journeys but the duration is a lot less and travelling on a plane is comfortable as well. Even with cushioned seats and great views, our journeys are not always the sweetest. We often see passengers complaining about airlines causing inconveniences on social media. This time, an IndiGo passenger shared how the airline handled her luggage in a bad condition.

IndiGo Passenger Complained About Receiving A Damaged Luggage

Taking to X, Shrankhla Srivastava (@shrankhla3) shared a picture of how her travel bag was not at all handled properly by the airline.

The picture shared by the X user showed how the luggage had been damaged. The sky-blue coloured suitcase with a trolley had a long and visible crack. It clearly showed how the airline mishandled pieces of luggage and failed to provide a better experience to passengers. Sharing the picture of her luggage with the damage, Shrankhla Srivastava sarcastically captioned, “Thank you for taking care of my luggage”.

It has been some time since IndiGo has been making headlines almost every other day for many passengers facing inconveniences during their travel journeys. From finding a screw in sandwich to delays and cancellations, many not-so-common incidents have taken place concerning the airline. Following the recent X post about receiving damaged luggage, other Netizens too started to voice their opinions and reviews of flying with the airline.

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IndiGo responded to the X post.

The airline has apologised to the passenger sharing “We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused”. IndiGo requested to allow some time to check the matter.

Here’s What Netizens Are Sharing:

Unfortunately, many people have had similar experiences while flying with IndiGo and other airlines. This recent post has sparked a conversation that led to social media users sharing experiences of their disappointment. Some even shared a tip stating not to use hard shell luggage in India. Here are a few reactions from X users.

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Have you ever had a similar experience while travelling with IndiGo or other airlines? If yes, let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Shrankhla Srivastava (@shrankhla3)

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