Comedian Saikiran Reacts To IndiGo Replacing Unibic Cookies With Atta Biskoot

Saikiran had the most hilarious reaction seeing IndiGo offering Atta Biskoot.

by Shreya Ghosh
Comedian Saikiran Reacts To IndiGo Replacing Unibic Cookies With Atta Biskoot

Many Indian airlines are operating regular flights and connecting several destinations both domestically and internationally as well. Among all the major names in the aviation industry, one of the most loved and preferred airlines is IndiGo. Thousands of passengers board IndiGo flights every day. Many flyers often choose the option to grab the meals provided by the airline. Recently, Comedian Saikiran found that IndiGo is offering atta biscuits.

IndiGo Has Replaced Unibic Cookies & Serves Atta Biskoot; Saikiran Reacts To It

Saikiran IndiGo
Picture credit- Instagram/ Saikiran (@jestsaikiran)

The airline has quite some options on their menu for the passenegrs. From snacks to the main course of the food menu to beverages, there are many options to choose from. Among the list of choices for flyers coming on board, IndiGo offers atta biskoot to passengers. Previously, the airline offered the famous Unibic cookies but now that option has been changed. According to the Instagram story shared by the comedian Saikiran, IndiGo is now serving atta biskoot.

“IndiGo replaced the usual unibic cookie with an Atta Biscuit”, wrote the comedian while sharing a picture of the biscuits offered to him on the IndiGo flight. Saikiran is known for his wit and perfect comic timing. He surely did not disappoint his fans and followers with his recent story about IndiGo offering atta biskoot to passengers.

While sharing about his recent experience, he wrote how he is unsure about the health claims of atta biscuits but imagines if biscuits made of atta will go well with curry or not. He wrote in the caption of the Instagram story, “Not sure about health claims of atta biscuits but I think if a biscuit is truly made of atta then it should go well with not just with coffee but curry too”. Now isn’t this hilarious?

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Passenger Shared Picture Of The Biscuit

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Rachit Hirani (@OctaneAddict) shared a picture of the atta biskoot served on the flight.

IndiGo offering atta biskoot to passenegrs is actually NOT something new. This X post is from the year 2012 which is already over a decade old. It has been a long time since IndiGo is giving this snack option to passengers travelling on several routes.

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Have you ever been offered atta biskoot while flying with IndiGo?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Saikiran (@jestsaikiran)

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