Indonesia Has New Sex Laws, And Here’s How It Is Impacting Tourism

by Shreya Rathod
Indonesia Has New Sex Laws, And Here’s How It Is Impacting Tourism

Isn’t Bali the epitome of mesmerising beauty? And how would you love to spend time with your special one watching the sunset? Hold your thought cause the government of Indonesia has passed new sex laws. Read further to know more about this law and its effect on tourists.

Indonesia Sex-Ban Law

Indonesia sex laws
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Indonesia is one of those countries that are blessed with nature’s beauty and offers picturesque views. Bali is the country’s prime attraction and is a tourism hotspot. Unfortunately, the recent sex-ban law of the Indonesian government has people in two minds.

But what is this law? The law states that any two people who are not married cannot have sexual relations. Further, if such a relationship exists between them, then offenders will face punishment. The law doesn’t state the exception of tourists or non-residential citizens. Also, this law consists of 624 articles and 37 chapters. In fact, there is an exclusion of defamation against the country, including the state institutions and the President.

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The Impact On The Tourism Of Indonesia

Though the implementation of the law is pending, other countries are concerned for the safety of their citizens. The Australian government has issued a warning against travelling to Indonesia. Even the United States is keeping a close eye on this criminal code. Moreover, British travellers are cancelling their travel plans amid this ongoing issue.

Tourism is a vital income source for many countries, Indonesia being one of them. These laws can do severe damage to the tourism industry, further damaging the livelihood of the citizens. In short, if you are thinking of going on a yoga retreat, think twice.

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