Indulge In Exclusive Chocolate Desserts This Chocolate Day With Swiggy Signatures

by Shreya J
Indulge In Exclusive Chocolate Desserts This Chocolate Day With Swiggy Signatures

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Now you have all the more reasons to indulge in uniquely crafted decadent chocolate desserts as they get dropped by at your doorstep. Swiggy Signatures brings limited edition desserts from the best dessert places in 4 cities.

What Is It?

Nutella Pillows Sundae by Art of Delight in Bengaluru, the decadent Chocolate Mud Jar by Karachi Bakery and Chili Chocolate Thickshake by Thickshake Factory in Hyderabad, to name a few! Its raining desserts this Chocolate Day on Swiggy Pop from 4pm to 7pm from 7th to 14th of July in select areas in 4 cities. Don’t miss out! You can now sinfully indulge in desserts and attend to your mid-work sweet cravings!

Delhiites watch out for the Eggless Belgian Chocolate Silk by Theos, you will surely take a few hours to recover once you indulge in this one! 
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Team Curly Tales couldn’t resist the Swiggy signature offerings and went on a guilt free indulgence. We gorged on Super Death by Chocolate by Waffles & More. We tried their chocolicious desserts like Chocolate Éclair from Birdy’s, which was filled with cream custard and coated with rich dark chocolate. We got a sugar rush with the Chocolate Overload Brownie from Brownie Point! And, went absolutely nuts over the Choc Nut Crunch from Guilt Trip, which was a perfect balance of crunchiness and gooeyness.

What Else?

 Swiggy pop is for anyone who wishes to order one portion of a meal, which is a part of a daily changing menu from top restaurants in your area. It’s also very budget-friendly as it’s priced anywhere between  99 –  200, making it convenient, full of variety and affordable. Plus, the added incentive is that the delivery is absolutely free!

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