Indulging In Pastry Paradise, Singapore Welcomes Cedric Grolet’s First Asian Store With Open Arms

by Mallika Khurana
Indulging In Pastry Paradise, Singapore Welcomes Cedric Grolet’s First Asian Store With Open Arms

The culinary world in Singapore was abuzz with anticipation as renowned French pastry virtuoso Cedric Grolet prepared to unveil his first Asian patisserie outpost at Como Orchard. With a growing line of enthusiastic pastry aficionados eagerly waiting in anticipation, it was clear that something extraordinary was about to unfold in the heart of this vibrant city. Grolet’s hyper-realistic creations, famous worldwide for their visual and gastronomic appeal, were set to make an indelible mark on Singapore’s dessert scene. 

Cedric Grolet Opened His First Asian Store In Singapore

The stage was set, and the excitement was palpable as the doors of Cedric Grolet Singapore were about to swing open to a waiting crowd of epicurean enthusiasts. Famed French pastry chef Cedric Grolet’s much-anticipated store opening at Como Orchard in Singapore garnered significant attention and excitement. The day began with the first eager customer queuing up as early as 6 am. As per The Straits Times reports, when the patisserie opened at 8:30 am, the line had more than 80 people.

Cedric Grolet Singapore, the chef’s first Asian outpost, is situated on the first floor of Como Orchard, a distinguished 19-storey building located near Paragon. The menu features an enticing array of viennoiseries, including his renowned croissant, pain au chocolat, Pain Suisse, and Parisian flan. These delectable pastries were well-received by eager customers.

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Singaporeans Wait Hours For A Slice Of Patisserie Magic

One of the highlights of Grolet’s patisserie is his hyper-realistic cakes that resemble real fruits. These visually stunning creations are also available for pre-order. Singaporeans can now enjoy flavours like Lychee, Dragonfruit, and more. The seasonal Mooncake, a unique creation featuring crunchy peanut praline, banana bread, and caramel gel encased in a thin milk chocolate shell, will also be served. Customers will also have the option to pair these delightful desserts with coffee, tea, or champagne.

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As per The Straits Times reports, the overwhelming response led to staff halting the takeaway queue at noon. They informed those in line that there was only a “50-50” chance of purchasing anything. Despite the uncertainty, dedicated patrons waited patiently for hours to experience the patisserie’s offerings. 

Many customers, who had long admired Grolet’s work, eagerly pre-ordered cakes and lined up to savour his creations. Their dedication finally paid off, and they cherished the opportunity to enjoy Grolet’s pastry masterpieces.

Cover Image Courtesy: Cedric Grolet Singapore/Instagram and Cedric Grolet Singapore/Website