Inside Atlantis The Royal’s Most Expensive Suite Where Beyonce Stayed. It Costs AED 367,250 Per Night!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Inside Atlantis The Royal’s Most Expensive Suite Where Beyonce Stayed. It Costs AED 367,250 Per Night!

The launch of Dubai’s Atlantis The Royal grabbed eyeballs across the globe. The launch party is surely Dubai’s biggest and most glamorous one, as the stage was set on fire by Beyonce and other popular artists. The event took the standards of glamorous events in Dubai a notch higher. Another intriguing piece of news about the event is Beyonce’s stay. The American singer stayed at Atlantis, The Royal’s most expensive suite, which costs AED 367,250 per night. 

Beyonce Stayed At Atlantis The Royal’s Most Expensive Suite

Atlantis The Royal, the world’s newest and most recognisably ultra-luxury resort, opened its doors in grand style. Beyonce, who gave a splendid performance the other night, stayed at the ‘Royal Mansion, which is Atlantis The Royal’s most expensive suite. The mansion is the most expensive and largest hotel accommodation in the world. The beautiful, uber-luxurious suite is spread across 11,000 square feet. 

The four-bedroom mansion allotted to the pop icon has all the amenities in the world. It includes a private terrace that offers the most splendid views of the city. The bathroom offers a mesmerising view of the enormous sea. A private infinity pool is also attached to the suite. The ceilings of the two-level penthouse are unprecedentedly high and offer luxury like nowhere else. It also has a private foyer with 100-year-old olive trees. 


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Luxury Redefined With Fountains, Helipads, And More

There are 231 opulent apartments, 693 hotel rooms, and 102 suites in the 43-story Atlantis The Royal. All of these offer the most enchanting views of the sea and Palm Island. There are numerous pools on the property, including two adult-only pools and 44 private infinity pools connected to suites and penthouses. The resort also has a helipad, “fire breathing” fountains, and what is thought to be the world’s largest tank of jellyfish, which contains 4,000 of them. 

Bookings for the widely anticipated Atlantis at The Royal are now being accepted for nights starting on February 10. Although it hadn’t previously made a formal announcement, the hotel began taking reservations online in October for stays beginning on March 4.

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